Why you should consider buying a van over a Car


It was during the 1980’s that owning a van became a stereotypical statement of roadside vulgarity. The so-called White Van Man became the embodiment of reckless driving, while this type of vehicle was loathed by almost all car drivers without any genuine motivation. This is a flawed and now completely outdated stereotype, however, as the diversity of van designs continues to evolve and this type of vehicle becomes increasingly popular throughout the UK.

Why you should consider owning a Van over a Car

In fact, there is now a number of compelling arguments to be made for purchasing a van over a car, whether you are a commercial or private user. These include: –

The Change in public Perception

You cannot argue with the masses, while the change in public perception has been both overwhelming and persuasive in recent times.  The RAC reported that vans were becoming incredibly popular throughout Great Britain, to the point where they were superseding the once dominant popularity of cars. The uptake of vans was two and a half times greater than cars last year, while one in ten vehicles on UK roads are now vans or light commercial vehicles

The Modernisation and Diversification of Vans

Part of the historical issue with vans was their cumbersome and awkward nature, which offered little in the way of style or ease of use. This is no longer the case, however, as today’s vans are available in a host of stylish designs and capable of completing a range of heavy duty and light commercial tasks. In the last decade, these vehicles have also become increasingly comfortable and flexible, meaning that they have completed the remarkable transition from commercial entities to genuine rivals to popular, mainstream cars.

Greater Flexibility and More Competitive Pricing

On the subject of flexibility, vans are now also available in an array of sizes. So while the classic large vans remains, customers can now also access smaller vehicles that have the scope, fluidity and speed of a Ford Fiesta. The proliferation of van design has also helped to drive more competitive price points, as a higher volume of units have been sold and soaring demand has driven costs lower. This makes vans more accessible and cost-effective than ever, especially when you consider the long-term impact of fuel-efficiency measures.

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