Why we are Excited about the Honda e Prototype

Recently unveiled at this year’s Geneva motor show, the Honda e Prototype is the model that takes replaces the Honda Urban EV concept. Although any new car model from Honda deserves some attention, we are especially excited about the Honda e Prototype. Why? In the following post we will look at some of the specifics that were revealed at the motor show that have piqued our interest in this electric automobile from a manufacturer more closely associated to combustion-driven, high-rev vehicles. If you want to find out more about the Honda e Prototype or another Honda vehicle, Brannon Honda is the best place to look.


It seems strange to be discussing a car from Honda, a company famed for their work on mastering the combustion engine, who are now focusing their attention on developing electrified cars, but here we are. The Honda e Prototype is powered by a rechargeable battery that can cover 2000km on a single charge. One of the biggest benefits of cars was always the fact that they gave us freedom. Freedom to go out and explore our surroundings on our own, freedom to not have to rely on public transportation. With the e Prototype you can experience a new type of freedom.

The battery can be charged just about anywhere. Whether you need to charge it using an AC adaptor at home, via a special charging unit or even just a standard plug or are looking to charge it at a shop while you browse. There is no shortage of flexible options for keeping the battery topped up.

It Looks Stunning

Taking its inspiration by the renowned Honda Civic, the e Prototype has a very contemporary-meets-retro styling to it. With a sporting profile and the bare minimum detailing. There are symmetrical LED headlights and anything that could be hidden away and covered, has been. For instance, special features like the driver assistance system and the charging points do not obstruct the e Prototype’s good looks

It’s just all in all, a great looking car.

Japanese-Inspired Open-Plan Interior Layout

It’s not just the exterior that is a thing of beauty, as the e Prototype has a very open and breezy feel. Thanks to the engineers and designers at Honda working from the same page, this rear-wheel driven, and flat floor car feels bigger on the inside that it looks from the outside. The graphics on the information display for the driver and clear and minimal, only providing the necessities, while the infotainment component has all the latest tech, without feeling clunky or out of place.

Refined and Simplistic Dashboard Tech

About that infotainment and dashboard tech. Even though it takes up the full-width of the dashboard, it still feels very elegant and stripped back. While still providing the connectivity that most modern car drivers are looking for with systems controlled by voice commands and full, easily accessible smartphone connectivity. Honda have also gotten rid of the wing mirrors and replaced them with top-grade video cameras. As well as providing a more detailed display of the surrounding areas and eliminating risky blind spots, they also offer the benefit of eliminating drag too.

You’ll notice too that this car does not have a gear lever, but has buttons that can be pressed for Park, Drive and Reverse.

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