Why do we need massage therapy after an auto accident?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, a good massage can kickstart the healing recovery so it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Aside from reducing the pain from injuries and streamlining your recovery, a professional massage can also help emotionally by soothing mental trauma, making it a bit easier for you to move on with your life.

However, massage is no substitute for going to the ER and getting checked out by a doctor. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you should always go to the hospital immediately. Once your medical doctor says it’s okay to do so, consider getting a relaxing massage.

Below are five of the many reasons why a good massage is something you should consider after a car accident:

It may help reduce pain.

No collision is free from physical discomfort. So if you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’re most probably experiencing some level of pain or soreness. Be it through impact, whiplash or aches from the jarring motion of the accident. This pain or discomfort can last for several months. But you can do yourself a favor by getting a massage after your doctor approves it. A massage can help with pain and make your recovery more comfortable by relaxing your muscles and increasing blood flow.

It can help you make a fast recovery.

A whiplash injury or any similar condition during your car accident can really be uncomfortable and painful. But a massage can significantly reduce the symptoms leading to faster recovery. Moreover, the calming and soothing environment of a massage center can also alleviate symptoms of depression and insomnia brought about by mental and emotional trauma from the accident.

It can reduce swelling.

An increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the area of trauma causes swelling which can really be painful. After your doctor says it’s okay, a good massage will help move the excess fluid out for processing and will also promote continued blood flow to vital areas, thus improving recovery.

It can help you recover from mental and emotional trauma.

Car accidents are big, loud, and high-impact experiences and so mental and emotional trauma are very common to survivors. The good news is that massage can help alleviate some of the mental trauma associated with car accidents. While some might not give mental trauma much attention, it can hinder physical healing. Traumatized people can suffer from sleep problems or weight loss, which can make physical healing nearly impossible. Since massage promotes relaxation, it can significantly reduce mental trauma providing a space for faster recovery.

Working on your recovery from a car accident? Go to the doctor, talk to an attorney if you need to, and book your much-needed massage therapy session as soon as the doctor gives you the go-ahead.

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