Why Buying a Used Car is Better Than Buying New

If your old car is on its last legs and won’t survive much longer, it’s time to start thinking about which car to buy next. Don’t be tempted to buy new though, here are the advantages of making your next car a used one.


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Used Doesn’t Mean Damaged

This is a mistake a lot of people make, they think that if they go for a used car rather than a used one, they’re going to have a car in poor condition. But, let’s face it, cars are built to last nowadays. So, even if the car has a lot of miles on the clock, it’ll probably still be in pretty great condition.

If you don’t know much about cars, just take along someone who does to the used car lot when you buy. It is important that you check everything on the car before you buy. You should also give it a long test drive and be 100% sure that all the paperwork is in check before you commit to buying.

Your Money Will Go a Lot Further

There is a balancing act and a trade off to take into consideration when deciding whether to buy new or used. You have to choose between a better used car or a lesser new car. Simply being new will boost the cars price, even if it’s a worse car overall. So, you have to pick which you want, a new car or a better car.

For example, you can get a used Nissan Murano S for $20,000 less than a new Acura MDX. The difference between the cars might be small, but the price certainly is not. That’s one of the main reasons for going with a used car; your money goes so much further.

No Worry of Depreciation

If you do decide to buy a new car, you’re going to have to face the problem of depreciation, there’s no getting away from it, no matter how hard you try. Depreciation is the name given to the fact that your new car will dramatically fall in value the minute you rev up the engine and hit the road.

This is not something you have to worry about with a used car, however. That’s why a used car is a much better bargain. It won’t instantly fall in value the minute you start driving it. It’ll most likely stay at the same sort of price at which you bought it. That means if you sell it, you’ll get most of your money back.

You’ll Have Money to Save on Upgrades

It’s a simple fact: buying a used car is cheaper than buying a new car. That means you’re going to have some spare money left over after you’ve made your purchase. So, what are you going to do with that money burning a hole in your pocket?

I’d recommend investing that money back into your car. You could use it on giving the car a new paint job or maybe upgrading the interiors if they’re a bit tired and worn. Think of all the upgrades you could choose from!

It’s a difficult choice to make, but I hope I’ve persuaded you that buying a used car is usually better than buying a new one.


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