Which Volkswagen Is for You?


The highly respected German manufacturers Volkswagen are into their ninth decade of producing cars and don’t appear to be slowing down. Acquiring Audi, Bentley and a few other brands in recent years, as well as branching out their own production line, there’s now a Volkswagen for everyone.

Whether you’re about to purchase your first car, looking for a new work vehicle or have just always wanted to own a Volkswagen, there are plenty to choose from. Despite all being quality vehicles not every model will suit your style but there’s sure to be at least one that does.

Volkswagen Golf

One of Volkswagen’s classic models, the Golf has been in production since 1974 and remains popular today. Just as loved by families as it is boy racers, various versions from two to five door models with additional customisation options are available. The chunky body and powerful engine help it appeal to a younger audience while a reliable reputation and plenty of interior space make it great for families.

Volkswagen Phaeton

A classy executive saloon car, the Volkswagen Phaeton is everything the professional business person could desire. Sleek and smart features coupled with a robust engine and plenty of grip make it impressive to drive, to both those on the in and outside. Excellent noise isolation, simple climate control and a smooth, fine finish inside make it comfortable for taking on those long business trips and the daily commute.

Volkswagen Tiguan

A small crossover SUV, the Volkswagen Tiguan suits those with a sense of adventure and looking for a vehicle with more interior space and a bit of bite. It delivers a solid performance and is fun to drive so will appeal to anyone who drives for enjoyment as well as getting from one point to another. Slightly more expensive than other models the roomy interior and storage space make it ideal for families and those who go on regular trips.

Volkswagen Crafter

Boasting some notable economical numbers for a diesel engine, the Volkswagen Crafter is a brilliant van for many work purposes. The refined engine and comfortable cabin make driving a vehicle of such size effortless, even with a full load. Ample room in the back for all sorts of items and that classic Volkswagen aesthetic mean it’s relatively stylish for a working van too. As one of the best vans around at this size it just goes to show the German manufacturers can craft quality in all different shapes and sizes.


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