Where to Buy a Chevrolet Truck in Connecticut

There is of better range of trucks on sale in the USA right now than that offered by Chevrolet. A name to be reckoned with in automobile and truck circles for many decades, Chevrolet continues to make top-quality, capable and superbly equipped cars and trucks that set the standard in their market, and if it’s a truck you’re looking for, there’s something for every requirement and every budget in the Chevrolet range. What are you looking for? That’s your starting point – set a budget and decide what sort of specification you and then start looking!

So, where do you look for the best deals in new and pre-owned Chevrolet trucks in Connecticut? Undoubtedly, the leading Chevrolet truck dealers in the area is Richard Chevrolet, a top dealership offering the full range of new Chevy trucks, as well as having a massive inventory of used Chevrolets and other models. They stock all the cars in the range, too, but we’re here to talk about trucks, so what does Chevrolet have to offer?

The Chevy Truck Range

Whether you want a simple truck as a workhorse or a vehicle that can double as a working truck and a comfortable, beautifully specified family vehicle, the current Chevrolet range includes a car that will do the job for you. You can choose between the rugged and basic Chevrolet Express Cargo Van, available with a wide variety of engines and perfect for load-lugging and delivery work. Or, you might prefer the Colorado, available with pick-up body styles and much more, and at prices that certainly won’t break the bank.

Both of the above are popular with business users who want a truck with comfortable driving and massive load capacity, and you can choose from engines such as the reliable and capable 2.5litre inline 4-cylinder motor – a tried and tested engine that is great for city running – right up to the 6-cylinder 4.3-litre engine that has all the power you need for a load-carrying vehicle. But, for many buyers, it’s Chevrolet’s class-leading Silverado that is the truck that does the business.

Chevrolet Silverado

What’s so special about the Silverado? Quite simply, there are few more capable and versatile trucks around. Available with a single or double-cab set up – the latter great for when it has to double as the family car – and beautifully specified inside and out, the Chevrolet Silverado is a true all-American truck, and nothing gets in its way.

Available with a range of engines offering various power levels, the jewel in the crown is the magnificent 5.3-litre V8, a surprisingly advanced and ecologically friendly powerplant that gives the Silverado performance that you simply won’t believe in a vehicle of this class.

Whether you want the basic van or the magnificent Chevy Silverado on your driveway, Richard Chevrolet are the people to talk to for the very best in new and pre-owned Chevy trucks, so get in touch now and one of the team will arrange for you to drop by to have a look at the latest Chevrolet trucks.

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