What you need to know about driving in Scarborough


If you live in Canada or may be moving here, you should beef up on the laws regarding driving on the roads in the area. The best way to ensure that you know the laws as well as other customs in the area before you get out on the roadways is to take a driving course along with reading the license manual created to help drivers know the laws and rules of the road for driving in Canada.

If you are only visiting Canada, you may not need a Canadian driver’s license; however, if you will be visiting for more than 3 months, you are required by law to obtain a Canadian license. In Canada, you must be at least 16 years of age to drive. You must also have the proper insurance on your vehicle and have a copy of the vehicle ownership permit in the vehicle at all times. However, you can choose to obtain an international driver’s permit from your native country if you wish to visit Canada for longer than three months without getting a Canadian driver’s license. This permit will allow you to drive in any country, but you cannot obtain the permit until you are in Scarborough. The permit will need to be on your person at all times, just like a driver’s license.

Like in most countries, it is your responsibility to know the laws in the area. Ignorance of the traffic laws will not help you in court if you are involved in an accident due to your negligence of the laws. The basic laws for driving in the area including following the posted speed limits, using cellphones or other electronic devices is not allowed while behind the wheel, drive the right side of the road, and in the case of an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is behind you, pull over to the right as far as possible and stop. Like in most countries, not obeying traffic laws you can be fined or in extreme cases your vehicle can be impounded and your license can be suspended.

If you live in Scarborough, it would be in your best interest if you are just learning to drive to learn more about the Level Two Road Test which was a program introduced to help new drivers receive better driving skills. The training lasts for 20 months and participates must pass 2 road tests in order to receive a Class G driving driver’s license.

Scarborough driving lessons can actually help all drivers become better drivers while providing them with all information on the new laws regarding driving in Canada. All driving programs in the area were created to help drivers become safer drivers to avoid accidents.


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