What Do I Need to Replace My Car Engine?

Firstly, you don’t need to be a qualified car mechanic or a millionaire. Changing your car’s engine may sound like a daunting task and an expensive one given the quotes most garages will give you, but with the correct equipment and following the right instructions it’s more than feasible.

It involves a lot of elbow grease and a bit of time, especially for novices. If you don’t feel confident after reading instructions on how to do it then it’s probably worth saving up and paying for a garage instead. Otherwise here’s what should be on your shopping list.

Engine Crane

It’s important to know the size of your engine before purchasing an engine crane as they all come with different maximum lifting capacities and lifting range. The crane is positioned in front of the engine and used to lift it out of your vehicle via the hydraulic pump. Many come with wheels and folding capabilities meaning they are easy to manoeuvre and won’t clog up too much space in the garage. It’s important to check the hoist is tight to avoid any accidents during the process of removing or installing an engine.

Load Leveller

The most difficult part of replacing your engine will likely be sliding the new engine in to the transmission. This is the main job of the load leveller, which can be adjusted to tilt the engine and slot it into place nicely. Load levellers are fairly cheap, light and can lift around ten times their own weight. Considering the importance of their job buying one is an extremely wise investment.


Engine Stand

You’ll need somewhere to store the new engine and place the old one when switching over so a quality engine stand is useful. These too normally fold down to save space when not in use and can hold gearboxes as well. Relatively cheap, they easily adjust depending on your engine size and come on wheels for simple manoeuvrability.


A screwdriver and wrench are always handy for unscrewing various bits. A bucket is necessary as you will need to drain the coolant and don’t want it running all over the place making your workplace more hazardous. A car jack is required for getting under the car to remove exhaust pipe connections, amongst other tasks. Of course a new engine kept in a safe place is needed while old clothes (you will certainly get dirty) will stop your Armani suit getting ruined.

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