What Are the Greatest German Cars Ever Made?

We all know about the reputation Germany has for making well-crafted, reliable cars. But what are the best they’ve ever made?

Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is a true classic for a reason. I’m not talking about the more recent update on the classic model; I’m talking about the true original. It might not have been the quickest or most reliable car on the road, but it was one of the most popular cars of its time. It’s easy to forget how long this model was around for though. They were produced between 1938 and 2003.

Only truly great cars stay around for that long. And the style barely changed in all those years. In 1999, it was voted as the fourth greatest car of the entire 20th century. The golden years for the car though were the post-war period and these boom years carried on well into the 1960s.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is one of the oldest and most iconic sports car still in production today. The car is now over 50 years old, and those sales figures show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. For a lot of people, the 1960s model will always be the classic 911 and unbeatable today, but the 911 has been very consistent over the years.

One of the trademarks of the classic Porsche 911 was the air-cooled engines they used. This all changed in 1998 when the manufacturer decided to go with an all new water-cooling system instead. This wasn’t the end of the changes though; it marked the point at which a lot of things changed with the 911. The body shell made a significant shift to a new style.


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Audi TT

There have been all kinds of iterations of the Audi TT over the years.That means Audi have managed to cover a lot of ground and secure huge sales figures over the years. It’s easy to forget that the TT has been around since 1998, and it remains a very popular car.

The basic model has improved with every new release. It’s a stylish yet practical two-door sports car. It’s a lot cheaper than most of its competitors too; you can pick up a used Audi TT for very low prices nowadays. And if you want something even more speedy and stylish you can buy the Roadster iteration.


For me, one of the best car produced by any country, not just Germany, over the past 20 years is the BMW E39. It’s both practical and stylish and its replacement, the E60, has never really reached the heights set by the E39. But then again, few cars could.

One of the big attraction of the car is its body. And I’m just talking about its appearance. The style of the body has almost become a modern classic in the motoring world now, with its simple elegance. The body also offers great safety though. It’s made entirely of steel and acts as a cage protecting those inside.


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Germany has a great automotive heritage, but these cars are certainly some of their best.


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