Useful Tips And Tricks For New Drivers

If you’ve just managed to pass your driving test, you deserve a well-earned pat on the back. At the current time, theory examinations are much harder than they’ve ever been in the past. Also, examiners now expect a much higher level of skill before they’re willing to award a licence. That means what you have done is quite an achievement. Even if you didn’t manage to pass on your first attempt, you should still feel proud of the fact that you are now a legal road user. That said; you are now in the group considered to be the highest risk for having a smash. For that reason, we’ve listed a number of helpful tips and tricks here today.

So long as you follow our advice, you should successfully avoid any major incidents. At the end of the day, you just need to act in a rational way and keep your eyes on the road. While you can’t predict the actions of other road users, staying alert will help you to move out of the way if something goes wrong. With that in mind, take a quick read through all the points made below…

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Drive short distances regularly

Being a safe driver is important. While you might have had lots of practice on the run up to your test, you will have always had someone else sitting in the passenger seat. Now you have your licence, you can travel wherever you wish without the need for accompaniment. We always advise that new drivers start small. You should take lots of short trips around your local area to get used to the roads. Once you’ve done that for a couple of weeks, you can move onto the next tip.

Practice your motorway skills

The only thing you won’t have done during your lessons is drive on the motorway. To be fair, that seems a bit silly as you will have to use those roads frequently. Average speed limits around the world for motorway driving are somewhere near to 70 mph. That is much faster than you would have traveled in the past. To boost your confidence, you should consider taking a few nighttime trips out onto these fast roads. Going out after dark should mean you don’t encounter too many other road users. As you gain more confidence in your driving ability, you can move onto doing that in the daytime too.

Always stick to what you have been taught

As you probably know already, driving instructors teach you to handle your car in a specific way. They insist you keep your hands in a certain position on the wheel, and that you never cross your feet when dealing with the pedals. It can be easy to slip into bad habits, and that is something you need to avoid. For that reason, you should always drive in exactly the same manner you were taught. Failing to do that could result in you needing a good auto accident lawyer sooner than you think.

We hope you now have enough information to stay safe on the roads over the next couple of years. As we said in the beginning, concentration is the most important element to avoiding problems.

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