Useful Tips To Buy Used Cars

Buying a car can be confusing especially when it comes to buying a used car. When thinking of purchasing a car to take care of your personal commute, you are often restrained by budgets. Buying a used car has it fair share of advantages and disadvantages that can be a bit confusing and frustrating for first time buyers. While, buying a pre-owned car can help you achieve the dream of owning a car at a fairly low price, property tax and insurance costs, it can become a frustrating and expensive problem in the future. There are several things which the buyers should check before purchasing a used vehicle. Given below are a few helpful tips that can guide the first time buyers avoid a bad deal.


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Check Manufacturer Warranty

Car manufacturers provide a minimum of 3 years of basic warranty. One must look for cars that have at least a portion of their original warranty remaining to enjoy a year or more of its benefits. Once you have narrowed down your options, ask whether the warranty is fully transferrable or not. Checking the car’s service history is a must to know about the performance, problems and repairs made to the car. Several owners maintain their cars personally, so buyers should ask every detail about the car’s service history from the owners.

Do Proper Research On The Model/Make Of The Car You’ve Selected

It can be possible that the model or make that you have chosen had customer complaints and were recalled. Buyers must do a proper research regarding the particular model, and read the various reviews and news to know about any recalls or manufacturing defects. Consumer reports are one of the best ways to know about the performance and general consumer reviews about the car that you’re buying. Research can often help the buyers get more aware about automobiles and their features even before owning them.

Do A Background Check on the Seller

It is often stated that bad owners make bad cars. The condition of the car and the amount of repairs made to the car depends solely on its handling by the owner. It is important to do a background check on the owner to avoid any post sale problems. The personal habits of the owner are often reflective of how he/she handles and maintains their car. Talking with owner is important to know of any problems or defects in the car and avoid a future mishap.

Select A Dealer

With the popularity of the internet, looking for used car dealers has become stupendously easy and fast. Several car manufacturers have their own wings of used-car dealerships and can be easily contacted via the internet. Make sure that your dealer does the necessary safety and emission checks on the car before listing a used vehicle for sale. The car sellers can also be directly contacted via the classified ads in local newspapers eliminating the brokerage fee that the dealer charges.

Test Driving The Car

Just like buying a new car, it is important for buyers to properly inspect and test drive the car before buying it. Checking the ignition system for startup problems and synchronization between the steering, brake pedal, accelerator, gear and clutch is a must and can only be checked by personally driving the vehicle. Check for any unusual vibrations or noises and for any irregularities with the wheel alignment before buying the car.

Check The Car’s Condition

The most important thing that buyers must not avoid is to check the condition of the car. Considering the advice of a third party mechanic is often a good way to properly evaluate the condition of the vehicle. Paint job, Trunk, Hood, hoses, belts, seats, upholstery, air conditioning, engine performance and odometer etc. are the various components that should thoroughly be checked to properly know whether the vehicle is worth the price that the owner demands from you. The fuel cap should be removed and checked for any leakages in the gasket. Checking the condition of the tires is also important and should not be avoided. Using the car’s Vehicle ID number to obtain the car’s history report is the best way to personally evaluate the car’s condition.

It is easy for first time buyers to get conned when buying used cars. The abovementioned tips must be followed as basic guidelines to make sure that you receive the full value for the price you pay for the vehicle. Buying cars is an expensive and complicated affair and can lead to utter dissatisfaction and anguish if one is not careful.

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