The Ultimate Showdown: The Mini Cooper S Versus the Ford Fiesta ST

Both the Mini Cooper S and the Ford Fiesta ST are renowned for being small and mighty. These sports versions of our countries most-popular cars have kept us enraptured. They are rapid, small and amazing to drive. What is more, they do not have the luxury price tag that so many cars of their ilk have. They are utterly affordable. This is great news for many.

Let’s get to the ultimate showdown:


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The Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S has had something of a cult following in recent times. It was introduced in 2001 and has been loved ever since. The dramatic alterations to the Mini Cooper series have no dampened our enthusiasm either. Just ask the good people at

The Cooper S has a 1.6 engine. With newer models, this has been replaced with a whopping 2.0 litre turbo engine. The sides on the newer models look slightly chunky when compared to its predecessors. However, it still has that all-round coveted Mini look. One of the benefits of the newer models of Cooper S is that the speedometer has been moved to the centre of the dash. This allows for people to see how quickly they are going as it is now in line with their eyesight. Previous lovers of the older versions of Mini were somewhat alarmed by the interior of the car. This is a problem that has been rectified with new models. It now also features BMW’s iDrive wheel. This is great news for those who want a little bit of luxury in their vehicle.

However, if you want a car that doesn’t feel chunky or wide, then this is not a car for you. It weighs in at an extra 72kg than the Fiesta. While this may not seem much, try taking it round corners at top speed. You will soon feel the difference.

The Ford Fiesta ST

Once upon a time, the humble Fiesta was considered a run around for the more mature. The ST saw fit to end this description. It is nimble, compact and a dream to drive. The Ford Fiesta ST has 182 BHP and a four-cylinder turbo.  What is more, the Ford does not feel the need to adorn itself with gimmicks. It is a simple car that is built for speed. Its simplistic design is not in any means a flaw. It makes it perfect to drive and simple to use. After all, you don’t want a car that is akin to the Apollo 13. One of the great things about the ST is that you can open it up on a B-road. It handles well, although it can feel a little clumsy at times. As long as you are a careful driver, you should not encounter any issues with this car. At 47.9 MPG, it is certainly a more cost effective version of the two cars.

Whatever you decide, you know that you are sure to get a great little car that is built for the open roads.

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