Traditional Car Keys vs. Keyless Remote – Which Is Better and Why?

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If you have a car, you know that car keys can be a tad annoying to deal with when compared to the keyless remote system. More and more people are deciding to opt for the keyless remote that is far less of a hassle than taking care of a key. It gets relatively easier when the keyless remote is made use of to unlock the car door. But its not as if the conventional key system is all bad. Sometimes you might find that the key is much more favourable than the remote. Let us explore the pros and cons of both the keyless remote and the key respectively.


Why choose the key for your car

1. Old habits die hard

The world might be evolving into the digital aspects of everything, but there are some things that only the old, traditional and conventional methods can handle. Take for example the usage of keys. It has developed into a more tangible method in the past few years, and keys and locks have evolved greatly. But the fact remains that keys are one of the best sources of locking and unlocking for most things. There might be digital substitutes for everything including keys, but at times keys do seem to be the better option. Adding your car keys to the rest of your keys does not seem like such a bad option.

2. The copy can be copied

Let’s face it; a key is easy to make a copy of. You can have as many copies of the key you want, and give to as many trustable people you wish to. There is no limit to that. It can also be kept in whichever place is suitable to you. With a digital keyless remote, there is not as much scope for copying and keeping safe. There is only one option that you have got to safeguard for life. For that purpose a key proves to be more useful.

3. Hide it where you want

You lose one key and you can find the copy of it somewhere in your wallet or the underside of your vehicle, or whichever else place that you’ve probably hidden it in. If you can make copies of your key, you can also hide those copies in places that seem accessible to you. There is not much to worry about if you can find those keys in one place or another, or with someone you handed a key to.

4. The cheaper dimension

Keys are much cheaper. The keyless remote might be just as expensive as the accessories that you add to your car. Keys can be replaced just as easily and do not really cost as much.


Why choose the keyless remote for your car

1. No loss of keys

The most obvious advantage of a keyless remote is the fact that you never have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys, which you’d do if you were a forgetful person when it comes to keys. The remote is much bigger in size and much less likely to be lost than the car keys that are small and subject to misplacement.

2. Ease of access

Keyless entry has been regarded as one of the most effective and convenient ways of car entry, and there is no arguing. You can get to enter easily into your car through the press of a button, rather than fumbling around to get a hold of your keys, which might just be the most difficult thing to do when its dark where you are.

3. Advanced mode

A keyless fob is more advanced and protective for your car. There is a much less likely chance of the car being stolen since it would only unlock at the proximity of the remote, unlike the keys which can well be stolen and duplicated by a thief, which would then account for a car locksmith to help you out.

4. More conveyance of service

Many keyless remotes come with added services like the controls of the trunk, the engine that can be warmed up while the owner reaches the car and unlocks it. This way you can not only save time but also conveniently access many of the features just at the touch of a button.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that a keyless entry is actually a much better choice for cars rather than the use of keys.


Article in collaboration with Luke Peters

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