Top 6 Reasons Why I Buzz My Auto Insurance Company



I live in Mexico City. I own a personal car. Owning a car requires me to follow every traffic regulations in my country. One of the most essential regulations is to own a valid Mexican Automobile Insurance. In order to get such a document you must liaise with a duly registered Auto Insurance Company. But why should you still keep in touch or buzz your auto insurance company even after receiving the insurance cover? Here are a number of reasons why I do so!

When I Want To File a Claim

In the 24 years that I have owned my car. I have been involved in an accident once. I was at fault. In order to settle the damages inflicted on the other car I had to evoke my liability insurance cover. At this point, I had to contact my Mexican Auto Insurance Company and get the right assistance. It was a good thing there were no injuries sustained from the accident so the payment was limited.

When I Want To Add Drivers

In these 24 years my eldest daughter has become an adult. Within this duration, she had also attained her personal driving license at 16. I didn’t want her driving my car without proper authority. I contacted my insurance company when I wanted her name to be added into my Auto Insurance Cover. Today she can safely drive my car and I’m not worried of liabilities in case of an accident at anytime.

When I Want To Add More Cars

Five years ago I added another car to my collection. Because my family was growing really fast we needed two cars in order for our transportation needs to be efficiently served. The car I added also required a Mexican Automobile Insurance cover in order to operate legally on our roads. Due to this I had to also contact my auto insurance company to facilitate the process and add my new car to my cover.

When I Want To Bargain Terms

With a new vehicle, came in new terms. I wanted to get discounted premiums and also enjoy a few more offers that my company gave on two automobile and more. This forced me to talk to my agent and get new insurance terms when the next New Year started. Indeed if you didn’t know it is the right of every car owner to ask for premium offers wherever possible.

When I Want To Remove Drivers

Initially I lived with my younger brother in Mexico City before he moved. During this time we shared the same car. Meaning that, his name was also part of the drivers who my insurance cover supported. When he moved however, he bought his own car and I had to remove his name from my cover. I contacted my insurance company to facilitate the removal for me too.

When I Want To Change Policies

There are a number of insurance covers that I can enjoy in Mexico. They include comprehensive cover, liability, and third party among others. When my car was new I wanted a comprehensive cover for it. Five years down the line, the value had dropped and all I needed was liability insurance. In order to change my policy, I had to contact my insurance company to review and change my policy.

Mexican Automobile Insurance is required by law! Without it you cannot drive on our roads. And if you do, you could face maximum jail terms or pay hefty fines. Get one today.

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