Tips for traveling safely with your car

Tips for traveling safely with your car

Travelers depend on their car for just about everything: as a place of shelter, dinner, hiding valuables, and of course, traveling.

Being as such that your car is essentially your home with wheels during a long drive, it’s imperative that you take extra precaution of hitting the road. Hopefully, you’re not someone who depends on their car to hide valuable items for extended periods of time, but in the case of travel, you don’t have a choice. Any time you leave car, whether it to check in to a hotel or streaming cash from the ATM, you’re vulnerable against thieves—and they just hit the jackpot with your four-wheeled storage unit.

Follow the tips below to help you safely prepare for the long road ahead:

Initiate proper security measures  

It may come as no surprise, but installing a basic car alarm can scare away thieves before they even have a chance. Consult with a reputable automotive locksmith to help guide you for low rates regarding basic installation.

Don’t be too liberal with your personal items

Most valet and parking attendants are ethical employees; however if you make it too tempting and decide to keep valuable items within eye range, you put yourself at a much higher risk for theft. Remember, valet and parking attendants mostly work off the honor system as no legal documents are involved. Retracing a theft against a car attendant is all but an improbable claim.

Tidy up

A car that resembles the look of a hoarder is much more likely to be taken advantage of. The more organized and properly stowed your belongings are, the less attractive they become to thieves. Also, the messier your car is, the harder it is to notice if something was stolen. So, treat your car like you would (hopefully) treat your bedroom—clean and organized.

Assume the best, prepare for the worst

Most thieves are superficially coordinated. Simple smart decisions will drastically improve the chances of your car to be less appealing for thieves.

  • Park under a streetlamp
  • Park closer to more foot traffic.
  • Buy a steering wheel lock
  • Install a blinking security alarm
  • Park on a busier section of the stream
  • Park your car next to several neighboring vehicles

Simple and easy suggestions such as these can instantly turn off thieves. Even is they’re just for show.

Recheck and re-recheck

As soon as you’ve left your car for any extended period of time, check to see if anything may have been stolen. The advantage of this strategy will to decipher where, who and when any personal item may have been stolen. Keep a closer eye out for suspicious activity near the area where you park.

When in doubt, park underground

Any time you feel skeptical about parking your car in a certain area, look for the nearest parking garage. Parking underground is the least vulnerable location you might encounter a thief—so consider this option for lack of parking or skepticism as a great alternative.

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