Time to Replace Your Old Car?

Signs That it is All Over for Your Old Car

Nothing lasts forever, and even the most faithful old set of wheels reaches the end of the road sooner or later.

Some people change their cars as often as they change their socks. OK, that might be a figure of speech, but it is no exaggeration that there are many who upgrade their wheels even more regularly than they do their mobile phones.

That’s a great luxury if you can afford it, but for many of us, the car is a necessity, essential for getting us to work, the kids to school and so on. In this case, there is the temptation to keep that old set of wheels rolling forever, but there comes a time when that no longer makes practical or financial sense. Here, we look at five signs that it is time to replace your old car.

1) It’s beyond economical repair

It is one thing paying out for bits and pieces to keep it going for another year, but if it needs £700 of work for the MOT and it’s only worth £500 or so, it is clearly time to call it a day, place a call to your local scrap car buyers and say goodbye.

2) Costs are mounting up

Think about the year ahead, too. Even if Old Faithful is running and MOT’d at present, it could be that the tyres are getting close to the legal limit, the battery won’t see you through another winter and the cambelt is due for replacement. All this adds up, and instead of an economical drive, that old car is turning into a money pit. Time to get a new one.

3) Becoming unreliable

If the car is becoming a pain to start in the morning, making unusual noises or starting to consume more petrol or oil, it is a sign that the engine is on its way out. And if that is the case, it is really all over. The last thing you need is the stress of thinking it either won’t start one morning, or it will suddenly let you down on a dual carriageway in the rush hour. Shelling out money on that extra fuel or regular oil top ups all starts to add up, too.

4) The replacement is staring you in the face

Sometimes it is not all about the old car, but the new one. If a great bargain presents itself, or you suddenly see the exact type of car you’ve been thinking of in the spec you require, that could be fate telling you it is time to trade your old one in now, before it is completely on its last legs.

5) Change of circumstances

And sometimes it is about you, and not the car. A new job or a new baby are just two examples of circumstances in which you might think it is time to get rid of that old motor you’ve been smoking around in for the past couple of years and get something a little more appropriate to your new personal circumstances.

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