These Three Vital Car Checks Will Extend The Life Of Your Engine

Your car is a complex machine. To the uninitiated, the engine and mechanics within your car can seem scary and intimidating. However, you don’t have to get to know the engine in detail. There are professional mechanics for that job. However, what you do need to do, is check everything around it. The engine functions well when all of the moving parts around it work correctly.

The key to a long life in your car is small, regular checks. Don’t be scared to open up the hood and look at the oil and coolant. These things are essential to the efficient and effective running of your car. What we’re talking about today doesn’t involve high levels of mechanics. They are simple things you should be doing on a regular basis. This is even more important when looking at used Fords for sale. A used car requires more maintenance than a new one. Things like checking oil and tyres are key. Keeping your car in good check reduces the amount of time and money you’ll spend at the garage.

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Engine oil

Engine oil is the single most important thing in your engine. Without it, the engine will grind to a halt. Think of oil like blood. It is pumped all over the engine and ensures all of the moving parts can flow nicely. When the oil runs dry, these moving parts begin to grind over each other and wear away. When this happens the engine begins to struggle and will eventually give out. Checking the oil is easy. Simply use the car’s dipstick under the hood. The oil level should be between the two lines or holes. You should also have the oil replaced entirely at every service. Good oil maintenance will extend the life of your engine significantly.


Tyres are expensive so it’s important to take good care of them. They are the most important factor when it comes to good handling in your car. If the tread is worn, or the pressure is incorrect, you will find it much more difficult to drive. Not only that, but it is dangerous to drive on poorly maintained tyres. You should make them part of your regular maintenance. Make sure that the tread is at least 2mm deep (anything below 1.6mm is illegal). A good trick here is to switch the front tyres with the back ones every now and then. This ensures a more even wear. Finally, keep the tyre pressure at the prescribed level. This will help the car run a more efficient fuel economy and they’ll wear evenly.

Water and Coolant

Finally, check the coolant level regularly and top up when needed. The coolant is the liquid that runs through the radiator and keeps the engine temperature down. If your coolant runs low, you risk overheating the car. This can lead to disastrous problems. An inconvenient breakdown can cost thousands. Simply top it up (when the engine is off) and get the mixture of antifreeze correct. Antifreeze is important, even in the summer, as it keeps the system from corroding.

These simple tricks will keep you car running for much longer. It will help it run more efficiently, saving you money on fuel. Most importantly, it will keep you and your car out of the repair garage!

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