The Cars Every Petrolhead Needs to Drive at Least Once

During your time on this planet, there are some things you have to do. And there are some cars you have to drive at least once. Every petrolhead has a list of cars that he or she has to drive before the curtain comes down. So, add these cars to your list if they’re not there already.

Lotus Esprit

Everyone recognizes the body of the Lotus Esprit; the wedge-shaped body of the car is one of the most iconic designs in automotive history. That alone is a good enough reason to drive the car, but it certainly isn’t the only reason. It drives like a dream too! And who wouldn’t want to drive a car that looks great and drives great?

The handling and steering is a step ahead of any car you’re likely to have driven before. You’ll take every corner like a pro and then ease on the acceleration to gain speed again. This is the greatest thing about driving a Lotus Esprit, and it’s something you won’t quite find in any other car.

Subaru Impreza

Driving a Subaru Impreza on the road can be a lot of fun, but if you want to get the most out of the car and the experience, you need to take it off road. Subaru is seen as the ideal rally car for a reason. It can handle all kinds of terrains because of its high endurance and strong, sturdy body.

It’s a noisy drive too, and that might annoy you if you were driving it on the road. But if you’re taking it off road, that roaring engine will only serve to make a great drive even better. And, unlike some of the cars on this list, you can pick them up for reasonable prices from Subaru dealerships.

A Formula 1 Car

There’s no driving experience that can hope to compare to driving a professional Formula 1 car. It’s a dream and a fantasy for so many petrolheads. And for most people, it will probably never become a reality, but if you ever get the chance to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, make sure you take it.

You have to be physically fit to cope with the demands a Formula 1 car will throw at you. Your body will take 5g of loading when driving the car, and that’s more than most people’s body could handle.


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Ferrari Testarossa

The most iconic and loved sports car brand in the world is undoubtedly Ferrari. So, it’s surely every petrolhead’s dream to drive one of their cars at least once. You’d probably jump at the chance to drive any of their cars, but the best of the lot has to be the Ferrari Testarossa.

In Italian, Testarossa means redhead, and this is the car that made red a color synonymous with Ferrari. The company focused on perfecting the center of gravity and making the body lightweight so the car can move fast. But who cares how it moves? The appeal of the Testarossa is its style.

When you’re planning your next ride, make sure you take these incredible cars into consideration.


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