The Best Electric Cars on the Market, and Are They a Good Buy?

Offering the driver cheap running costs and the chance to eliminate a part of their carbon footprint, electric cars are becoming more appealing each year. So, luckily, they’re becoming more available each year too. The quality of electric cars on offer is going up all the time.

There’s no doubt that the future is electric; we can’t go on using fossil fuels so much, and electric powered cars are the only alternative in the motoring industry. So, why not get ahead of the curve and ditch fuel now? There are many different types of electric car depending on your needs and budget, here are the best ones.

Chevrolet Spark EV

One of the biggest problems electric cars face is fitting in the battery which powers the car. They’re not small, and they have to go somewhere. This is why a lot of electric cars are left with a lot to be desired in terms of space.

The Chevrolet Spark EV seems to have bucked this trend though. The Spark EV is adapted from a fuel  car, so it’s not a model that was designed to run electronically. What this means is, with the help of a well-hidden battery, the car packs a lot of space in the back and boot.

Fiat 500E

The Fiat 500E is another car developed from an existing fuel car. And like all Fiat 500s, it’s a great city car. It drives nicely and will let you squeeze into tight spaces. In other words, it can handle the city environment with complete ease.

The problem comes when you want to use it for long distance driving. This can be a problem for electric cars generally, but even more so for the Fiat 500E. It’s built for short journeys, so if that’s all you want it for, it’s a good car.


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Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the most popular electric car on the market at the moment, so it must be doing something right. Nissan has good form with electric and hybrid cars, view more at The Leaf is still the best fully electric car they’ve developed though.

It’s a simple, but futuristic design with a great price to match. It also has plenty of space in the back, more than you’d think by looking at it from the exterior.

Renault ZOE

Electric cars are, generally speaking, a joy to drive. They don’t operate in the same way as fuel cars, so they don’t drive like fuel cars either. And the difference is most noticeable in the Renault ZOE.

It might be the smoothest and quietest drive you’ll ever experience. It’s also one of the cheapest electric cars on the market right now.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S certainly isn’t one of the cheapest electric cars on the market, but it is one of the very best.

It has a beautiful body and captures a futuristic look without looking like it’s trying too hard. The interior is kitted out with all the gadgets you could hope for too. There’s a big touchscreen interface and a stylish dashboard.


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As you should now realize, the electric car market isn’t as small and niche as you might have thought. There are different types of car for different types of buyer. So, you should be able to find one that fits your needs and your budget.


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