The Benefits of Motor Racing Technology That We All Get

picWatching highly expensive and cutting edge vehicles getting driven round a F1 circuit is undeniably exciting but it might seem far from the experience of driving your own car.

However, the advances in technology that started out in competitive motor racing often end up making their ways onto our everyday vehicles and lives. The following are some examples you might not realise made their way down from racing cars.

Better Tyres

The importance of better gripping and longer lasting tyres means that Formula One engineers have spent a lot of time on this issue. The racing versions of tyres used by the top drivers haven’t reached our everyday cars but the work carried out in this area means that technology and knowledge levels are constantly improving. The racing tyres currently in used as like extreme versions of the ones we use to get us around safely for as long as possible

Active Suspension

We need to get to the 1980s to see the first use of active suspension in F1. This came with Ayrton Senna’s Lotus and at the time no-one probably expected to ever see it on normal cars. However, these days you can find active suspension used on a wide range of cars that are designed for driving on the road rather than around racing circuits.

More Effective Brakes

The steel disc brakes developed at Le Mans have had a big knock on effect in the world of conventional cars, giving us safer and more effective brakes. Formula One vehicles now use carbon brakes thank to their low weight and ability to work at high temperatures. While there is no real need for brakes of this type in our road-going vehicles, this sort of carbon technology has found a use in the airline industry.

Sequential Gearboxes

The first work on sequential gearboxes seems to have been done by Formula 1 engineers back in the late 1960s. It wasn’t until 1991 that it was added to the William team cars, although Ferrari had added semi automatic gearboxes a couple of years earlier. Problems with the reliability of the new gearbox cost Williams dearly in the first year they used it but mainstream car manufacturers quickly saw the benefits of moving to this type of technology. If you love watching motor racing then the F1 betting at William Hill can add some extra excitement to the events.


The turbo is a popular feature in many mainstream cars and uses technology that has been along for a long time. However, its popularity grew immensely in the exciting days of 70s and 80s Formula One racing.  Because of this, it was quickly moved into everyday cars as well, giving us all the chance to enjoy a turbo boost while out driving.

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