Are Smart Cars A Good Choice, Or A Massive Waste Of Time?

Some cars are the butt of jokes. That’s a shame, but we live in a cruel universe. It’s a universe that likes to make fun out of things. Cars are one of those things. We’ll just have to live with that as a fact. I’m sure we can all get over it and move on.

We make jokes about French cars for being useless. We make jokes about Italian cars for being unreliable. We also make jokes about Smart cars. Smart, an offshoot of Mercedes, make tiny cars for city living. They’ve been around since the 1990s, and you’re sure to recognise their vehicles. The cars they make are distinctive. Of course, that means that they attract haters. One guy made a crude joke about Smart cars on Twitter. The company’s account rather made a fool out of him. Take a look, if you don’t mind jokes about bird poo.


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Airborne waste aside, do Smart cars deserve to be a laughing stock? After all, they’re popular cars. We’ve all seen them buzzing around the nation’s roads. They have a funky look, and they’re more interesting than most of today’s dull models. At least they’re trying something different, right?

The company is due to release some new models sometime soon. With that in mind, is a Smart a good choice for you today? Chances are you’ve never considered them. Are they good cars for city driving, or a stupid upgrade on a Little Tykes toy? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of these quirky little cars.

The most obvious benefit of a Smart is its size. They’re tiny, which makes them perfect for the city. Nobody wants a big car when they’re driving around town. You wouldn’t be able to turn corners. The Smart is a great choice for single people in the city. It’s easy to park and doesn’t take up space on the side of the road. These benefits aren’t ones that you should overlook if your lifestyle matches up to them.

The Smart is also an innovative vehicle. As I’ve said, no other vehicle on the road is quite like the Smart. The engine’s in the rear, and it only has two seats. That’s a radical re-imagining of the way that a car works. Of course, it won’t suit everyone. Families can’t use the Smart at all. That doesn’t mean that it can’t fit some people like a glove. The Smart fills a gap in the market and does so with ease.


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It’s not all positives, of course. The Smart is not a practical vehicle. It doesn’t offer the best performance, but would you expect that of it? It’s a small and affordable city car. You can get them at low prices from It doesn’t cover all the bases, but it’s a perfect car for a certain type of customer. That’s rare for a small car.

We can’t recommend the Smart to every customer. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good option for some people. City drivers with no responsibilities will love it. It’s a cheap and efficient way of getting from A to B. At the end of the day, what more could you want?

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