Small and Sporty is All The Rage


The market for new cars is massively driven by trends, but one which endures above all is that for something which is compact, yet has plenty of sporting credentials.

Lots of owners put the latter high on their list of wishes when they are looking for a new car, yet many also have to compromise this with a number of other needs, such as the need for plenty of space, or for a vehicle which can master any terrain.

A car for All Purposes

However, many car buyers these days realise that they aren’t going to find every characteristic they need in a single car – and can afford to own more than one car, so that they can have one car to suit a particular purpose, for example, to take the kids on the school run, and another to satisfy their less obvious needs, such as offering them lots of driving fun and on-the-road presence and style.

So while a car with plenty of room and other practical touches might be desirable for day-to-day use, it may be that the buyer can let their heart rule their head when it comes to choosing a vehicle which they use only occasionally.

As a result, if they’re in the fortunate position of being able to afford more than one car, the first one may well be something which can carry the whole family, and their belongings, but the second car might be something which puts the accent on fun, such as a MINI, from the surprisingly wide range available from Cooper MINI dealers.

Motoring to reflect your personality

Just as we have different types of clothes to wear for work and leisure purposes, the same principle can apply for the contrasting purposes to which we put our cars.

So while you might love the creature comforts of an executive car for your daily transport and long journeys, a smaller, nippier model can offer plenty of fun and flexibility when these are higher on your list of travelling needs.

As a result, there’s little wonder that you’ll find that many driveways contain not only a car for use on a day-in, day-out basis, but also one which is reserved for high days and holidays.

And the MINI marque is one which has been synonymous with such fun driving for many years – ever since Sir Alec Issigonis designed the original small car to carry the name back in the late 1950s.

Sound British foundations

Originally a product of the British Motoring Corporation, the MINI was such a massive success that the original model stayed in production for more than 40 years.

However, in this time, ownership of the parent company passed from British to German hands, even though the cars continued to roll off the production line of the factory in Oxford, England.

The MINI model has also undergone substantial changes during this period, although these have tended to reflect the increased emphasis on safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, which is a major reason why this marque has been far from the only one to see its models grow in size over the years.

So while today’s MINI might not strictly fit this description in terms of size, its manufacturer has always set out to ensure that the car is compact in relation to its main rivals, but above all, that the driving experience offered puts sportiness and fun first.


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