Skoda Citigo: What Makes It The Best Used City Car On The Market?

When it comes to buying a new car, some motorists still look at Skoda with negative eyes. For some reason, the Czech manufacturer has never successfully rid itself of the stigma attached. However, when it comes to the used market, the brand is more popular than ever.

In fact, the Skoda Citigo was voted best used city car for 2015 not so long ago. It isn’t too hard to see why it’s so popular with motorists. A price of under £5,000 in Britain for a 2012 model with only 35,000 miles on the clock is instantly impressive. But when you look a little deeper, the Citigo certainly deserves its crown.



For starters, the fact this model is now half-a-decade old makes it perfect for motoring novices to choose the right option. Even the oldest ones aren’t old enough to expect major damage while the changes each year have also been pretty minimal. Quite frankly, you are essentially going to get the same vehicle no matter what year you go for. While some might see this as a downside, it’s certainly a positive point for the more casual driver.

One of the key things that make this car so popular, though, is the simplicity. As a manufacturer, Skoda are open to new ideas like the touch control color change. However, the Citigo is all about doing the basics well. As a city hatchback, most drivers couldn’t ask for anything more.

For any driver looking to use their motor mainly around town, there are two key elements to look out for. If it drives comfortably and economically, you can’t have any complaints. The Citigo ticks both of these boxes in emphatic style.

The engine can come as small as 1litre. While you’re not going to go drag racing with this power, there’s more than enough oomph to get you around town and make your daily chores easy. Better still, you’ll be doing so without wasting huge amounts of money on petrol. Moreover, other costs such as tax and insurances are pretty low too.

As far as handling is concerned, it’s perfect for the urban environment. Furthermore, the light handling features make parking simple too. The only real cause for concern, as with any used motor, would be the wheels. However, mobile tyres can sort those issues quickly and efficiently. With that upgrade made, the Citigo will be in great condition for the city driver.

For family drivers or recently passed motorists, safety is a crucial feature too. The Citigo boasts a five-star rating and comes with four airbags as standard. With most models also boasting key safety features like added stability control, you can’t go wrong.

Inside the cabin, it’s quite spacious for a hatchback. This will be particularly welcome for parents of young children while the boot is also a fair size too.

It’s not a Ferrari Spider but, then, it’s not supposed to be. For what it does, the Citigo is spot on. As a cheaper alternative to the VW Up, it certainly appeals. If you’re looking for a reliable and relatively new city car, this Skoda model should be top of your agenda.

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