Simple Tips That Anyone Can Use to Maximise Their Fuel Economy

The price of fuel may be rocketing at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you have to become a slave to the garage and forecourt. On the contrary, there are some savvy ways that you can boost your cash and save your car from becoming a drain on resources. Newer cars are known for their fuel economy. But, older cars are not party to this fantastic invention.

Maximising fuel economy is a must. So, let’s see what tips you can use to make your car a bastion of efficiency.

Maintain Your Car

Maintaining your car not only preserves its life, it also ensures that you have a car that is fit for purpose. You can save a small fortune on your car by ensuring that it is in the best possible condition. Completing simple maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the air filter, can save you 12% on your fuel bill every month.

Inflate Your Tyres

Don’t put your car under any pressure. If the tyres are not inflated to the full capacity, it means that the car is under pressure to work harder. As such, it becomes a gas guzzler. Even if you are driving a Fiesta. The key is to maintain your tyres. Make sure that the pressure is appropriate for the vehicle. But, do make sure that the tread is intact too. Balancing is essential to maximising your MPG.

Lighten the Car

Hands up if you have a wealth of things in your car? Clothes, books, the kid’s belongings? Sure, we are all guilty of it, but this can be a fast track to consuming more fuel than what you need tom. Make sure that you are removing cumbersome and weighty objects from your car. The lighter your car is, the better it will perform. Plus, you will see some excellent savings at the forecourt too.



Be Sensible!

No one wants to drive like a nun. But, if you want to make sure that you are getting the most from your fuel, you need to drive at a constant and moderate speed. Yes, this may seem dull, but it’ll see tremendous savings in the long term. Accelerate slowly and brake over a longer distance. This is good practice, but it also means that you are reducing your costs in a more efficient way. It’s a sensible option but a good one nonetheless.

Cruise Control

If you don’t have cruise control, it may be time to sell your car to Merchants Auto! Cruise control can ensure that you are taking the human element out of driving. By keeping the car at a steady pace, you can ensure that you are maintaining a constant speed and not guzzling gas at every opportunity.


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Don’t Idle

Leaving your engine running is a major no-no if you want to increase your fuels capacity. If you are getting out of the car for longer than 30 seconds, turn the engine off. It’s a simple yet effective trick to ensure that you are not spending more than what you need to.

You don’t have to invest in brand new car to save money on fuel. Use these simple tips to get you on your way to massive savings.

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