How to Save Money on Your Classic Lorry Insurance

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If you have a classic lorry, you may typically need tailor-made classic lorry insurance to provide your pride and joy with the protection it deserves, as ‘off the shelf’ options may not provide appropriate cover.

So, how do you find cost-effective and suitable classic lorry insurance?

Go with a specialist HGV insurance broker

Rather than spend time searching online to get quotes with different providers you may be able to save not only time, but money as well, if you look for insurance with a specialist HGV insurance broker. Benefits to using a specialist broker typically may include:

  • you get specialist protection that has been tailored to suit your classic lorry;
  • the broker will work key lorry insurance providers to find you the most suitable policy, whilst at the same time ensuring premiums are competitive;
  • you will not be persuaded to take out a policy with an insurance provider that isn’t going to offer the full protection for your specialist vehicle.

Protect more than one vehicle with multiple vehicle cover

If you own a company that has more than a single classic lorry you may be able to keep down the costs of insurance by insuring them under a multiple insurance policy for classic lorries. This may save money when compared to insuring your vehicles under their own separate policies.

Add security devices to the vehicle

As with the majority of classic vehicles your classic lorry perhaps didn’t come with advanced security features that vehicles of today have built into them. However, there is nothing to say that you cannot add on security features to keep your vehicle safer from the risk of theft. The simple addition of an immobiliser or alarm may help you to keep the premiums down.

Pay out more excess insurance

There is always a minimum amount of excess that insurance providers ask you to pay out if you have to make a claim. If you want to you can offer to pay more excess and this typically helps to reduce the premiums for classic lorry insurance. This has to be weighed up against the fact that if a claim is made, the excess part of the insurance is paid upfront by you before the provider takes over the rest of the claim.

Factors to take into account when looking to save on your insurance

Saving money on your insurance for your classic lorry is all well and good, but also important is to ensure that you don’t skimp on the coverage offered. Bear in mind the following:

  • if you take out a policy just with money saving in mind and skimp on the coverage, you may find that if a claim has to be made, your classic truck may not have adequate protection. In this case you may have been better off spending a little more on the cover and ensuring the policy includes everything you need;
  • while third party and third party fire and theft insurance may be cheaper, it may not give your classic lorry the full protection required.

By taking the above tips into account when looking for classic lorry insurance there is typically more chance of obtaining a policy that is affordable to you, as well as offering the most comprehensive cover for your classic lorry.


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