Revise these seven aspects of your car




To say that many motorists see their vehicle as a fundamental part of their daily lives, is somewhat redundant; however, it is also true that there are people who consider the car as a mere means of transportation, a luxury or an investment.

The important thing is to keep your vehicle in good condition; it is vital that you perform regular checkups to keep it running and prolong its life. Needless to say that these precautions will also take care of your life.

According to the type of use of the car, the review should be done every six months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. You can take it to an agency (most recommended) or workshop of your trust; you must take care it is to be reviewed thoroughly, detecting any fault in it, however small it may be.

  1. Review with scanner

Among the tips to be taken into account in – depth service should include a good diagnostic scanner. This will help detect if there is any damage in the engine sensor.

The device is programmed according to vehicle model, make and engine type; with that information, it starts the car and in 30 minutes the reports are obtained.

  1. Do not forget the alignment

Alignment, it should also be performed angle correction camber and caster (divergence and convergence); this process prevents premature wear on the tires (inside or outside thereof) and, in a way helps you save fuel. To align must be a rotation of the tires every 10,000 kilometers or 6 months, whichever occurs first. It should be a linear rotation, i.e., front-back and-backward. Use of better wheel manufacturers like for your car is the best solution to this type of issue.

  1. Rolling

The rolling tire per tire is made and prevents vibrations in the Volant and especially to reach a speed of 80-120 km / h. This process is computer – using long fingernail leads, leads and adhesive lead normal, usually the latter will be for a sports rim. The same computer indicates which position to place and how many ounces should go. So you can prevent tire out even its axis, causing a collision.

  1. Oil Change

Another aspect to consider is the lubrication or oil change. Depending on the use you give your car, it should be done every five or 12 thousand kilometers.

  1. Shock Absorbers

It is prudent to conduct periodic reviews of the dampers, for faults or irregular wear. If a revision liquid leakage is detected it indicates that the internal valves have burst and it is advisable to replace them.

  1. The accumulator

Batteries are reviewed periodically to determine the status of their cargo. If you continue to hold or if the alternator is damaged. The alternator is an important part of the vehicle because it is the one that generates electricity. This review should be done periodically.

  1. Most importantly, the brake system

Do not forget one of the most important points of your car: the brake system .Every six months a full review should be at least. If salt is continuously prudent that you check the brakes at least a week before, to make sure they are working properly.

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