Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Increasing In Popularity

Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Increasing In PopularityAlthough many people still smirk at the idea that electric cars will ever become as popular or more so than traditional gas and diesel powered vehicles; that hasn’t stopped the increasing popularity of these highly efficient and eco-conscious automobiles.  Why then have electric cars like the models in the BMWi electric car range become so popular, despite a lot of negativity in the press and from people who prefer things the old fashioned way?

One of the primary reasons electric cars have gained popularity is because of the numerous benefits they offer to the environment.  We are living in a time when it is hard to shrug your shoulders and ignore the fact that the planet is in trouble and the only way we as its inhabitants can help save it is through finding ways to cut the levels of pollution we are producing.

It’s a fact that around 1/3 of the toxic greenhouses gases produced that are damaging the ozone layer come from transportation and transportation alone.  If like many people, you are trying to do your bit every day to recycle, use less water, less electricity and make more green-conscious decisions you have probably given consideration to owning an electric car.  As well as the actual benefits themselves though, it is also the fact that we have access to information about those benefits that are making electric cars more attractive.

It’s all about the Emissions

In the past, people were not as clued up about exhaust fumes and the harmful emissions that emit from them whenever you turn your ignition and drive off.  That has all changed now and thanks in part to the tireless campaigning by Government departments such as the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles and non-profit organisations, we all have at our disposal an incredible amount of information and many are making important decisions and changes as a result

Increased Number of Electric Car Charging Stations

Another reason why electric cars are becoming more popular lies in the fact that plans are in place and already action is happening to make sure that there is easier access to electric car charging stations.  Along with the actual cost, this was another argument that those against electric cars used – that it is inconvenient.  While in the past, there have been not enough charging points available up and down the country, the government and the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles as taken notice of that need and made rapid chargers available at 500 different motorway service stations and other petrol stations and sites throughout the UK.

The interesting thing is that even if you are not particularly bothered about saving the planet or anything like that, there are still other benefits that come from owning an electric car.  They are far more cost effective to run and as well as having a reduced cost per mile, there are also grants available to people who want to purchase electric cars and have home charging points installed.

As you can see, as well as the obvious ecological benefits, there are many other reasons why electric cars are becoming more popular every year.  If this article has roused your interest more in electric cars, you should view the BMWi electric car range.

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