The Realities of Learning to Drive You Never Knew

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many people. Most people take lessons in their teens, while others learn later in life, but there’s no doubt that getting your licence gives you more freedom and opportunities. In many places, it’s necessary to drive, or else you’re at the mercy of taxi cabs and hitching a ride from kind friends and family members. But, although learning to drive is something almost everyone does, the journey to obtaining your licence isn’t an easy one. And even once you’ve passed your test, you won’t necessarily feel like the most confident driver in the world. Some people make it seem so easy that you can begin to wonder if you’re the only one who has the experience that you do. Before you start learning to drive, find out what learning is really like.



Image: Fernando Butcher

Not Everyone is a Natural

Some people are naturally adept at driving. They can have just a few lessons and be ready to pass their test right away. But you’re unlikely to be one of those people. Almost everyone has to work hard at getting and right, and it takes a lot of practice to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel of a car. Don’t worry if you get into the driver’s seat and you can’t even tell the brake pedal from the gas. You’re there to learn, and your instructor doesn’t expect you to turn up with a bank of knowledge ready to access. If you’re struggling to pick things up, just keep going. While some people are ready for their licence after a few hours, others will take much longer to pick it up.

It’s an Emotional Experience

When you watch people taking their lessons, they can often look completely calm and collected. But that doesn’t mean that inside they are feeling a hundred different emotions and thinking several thoughts at once. You’ll go through a lot of different feelings while you’re learning, so you should be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. When you first begin your driving lessons Sunshine Coast instructors are offering, you’ll be excited and nervous. When you’re learning, you might be scared, elated, frustrated, bored or confident. But when you finally pass your test, you’re going to be extremely proud of yourself, and excited to get out there in your new wheels.

You Don’t Stop Learning

Once you’ve passed your test and got your licence, you would think that you’ve learned to drive. But just because you have a card that says you can drive, it doesn’t mean that you’ve finished learning. It could take you a while before you feel like you’re completely confident on the roads, and you’ll probably make mistakes. But you’ll feel more independent than you ever did before, and you’ll soon be a confident and relaxed driver. Until you find out how much you have to pay for insurance, tax, fuel and all the others expenses of keeping a car.




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