Pointless Car Modifications That Are A Waste Of Money

Many car owners strive to make their vehicles more individual. Some people add tasteful modifications, but others misunderstand the definitions for “style.” It is true that some modifications can increase the value of cars, but others are just tacky and pointless.

Are you thinking of improving the looks and sound of your car? If so, make sure that you avoid these pointless modifications!


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Headlight eyelashes

I’m not too sure of the origins for this modification. But if you spend a lot of time out on the road each day, you are likely to come across cars with headlight eyelashes.

They serve no purpose other than to make a car look “pretty.” I have come across cars such as Fiat 500s that have headlight eyelashes fitted to them. You might think they look cute, but most people think they are a stupid idea.

Avoid the embarrassment that you will face each day by not fitting them!

Large bore exhaust systems

I seem to remember that large bore exhaust systems were popular back in the 1990s. Cars such as the Ford Sierra Cosworth often had large bore exhausts with 4-inch tailpipes.

They might look “beefy” and offer a growl through the exhaust, but they don’t improve performance much. I have only ever seen performance increases when coupled with ECU remaps.

“Baby On Board” badges

There is a belief that parents with babies aren’t likely to encounter dangerous drivers. That is, as long as they have “baby on board” badges affixed to their rear windows.

The truth is, putting up a sign in your car isn’t going to make other motorists drive in a different way. It would only be a difference if the sign says “pull over” and it is in a police car!

Even worse are those customised badges with children’s names written on them. Do you think these badges are a great idea? If so, please do everyone a favour and sell your car.

Fake turbo dump valves

A friend of mine works as a car salesman for Imperial Car Supermarket. One of his customers couldn’t understand why he had to remove the “fake” dump valve from his car before part-exchanging it!

The customer was under the illusion that it would add value to the car. The only thing a fake turbo dump valve does is make you look stupid!

If you want a car with a turbocharged engine, wouldn’t common sense dictate that you go and buy one?

There is even debate about whether a dump valve on a real turbocharged engine offers any benefit. All turbocharged cars have a recirculating dump valve as standard. The only difference between them and aftermarket ones is that there is no “whoosh” noise when you let go of the throttle.

Oversized alloy wheels

Some cars attempt to stand out from the crowd by fitting oversized alloy wheels. Those wheels often scrape the wheel arches whenever the car goes over bumps on the road.

They are also dangerous, because the wheel arch slices into the tyre sidewalls.

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