Our Favorite German Cars

Ever since one man named Karl Benz designed and constructed what is widely regarded to be the first practical working automobile, Germany has constantly been at the forefront of the industry delivering vehicles that are equally innovative as they are reliable. Even with the setback that the Second World War placed on its output, many of the great cars makes and models have come from the European country. To pay homage to the country and its exports, we have put together a post looking at some of our favorite German cars.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

When the Golf was first introduced it was being a water-cool engine and front-wheel drive replacement for the Beetle. Although it didn’t replace the much-loved Beetle in the end, it still became one of the most popular and biggest-selling vehicles in the world with a slew of accolades and awards to its name. The performance version, the GTI is the one we want to speak about as it really kicked things off in the industry for the now ever-present hot hatch. It became the measuring stick for practical and affordable sporty cars during the 80s and spawned some of the greatest hot hatches that have ever been,

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

No list of Germany’s car manufacturing output would be complete without the mention of at least one car from the make we are going to talk about now and the one that directly follows. German engineers have always had something of a bad reputation as being cold and very science-based. However, this stereotype is virtually smashed to smithereens with the 300 SL from Mercedes-Benz.

The SL is short form Super Light, a nod to its light and tubular frame. This was born as a race car when it first emerged. It was only after its initial two years in existence that the company transformed it into the production car masterpiece that has gone down in the history books. This could be where it all started for Mercedes in the global market as it was the first to have any level of great success outside of Germany and helped the company realize the full potential of the American market.


If you were to think back and look for the company that really set a high standard when it came to manufacturing high-performance production cars, it was BMW with their motorsport division and the E30 generation 3 Series. One of the company’s best motor sporting creations at the time was the M3, which then went on to become a success as a road car too. It offered huge amounts of power with refined and sophisticated elegance. With each new E30 model since 1986, there has been an equally fast M version.

Mercedes AMG GT

For a real brute of a car from Mercedes look no further than the AMG GT. The company used the frame of the 300 SL and gave it an overhaul with a luxury interior and those beautiful sweeping lines, it was a real classy vehicle. You would never have guessed when you first clapped your eyes ion it that it was a ferocious beast in disguise, thanks strimmers its twin-turbo 4-liter V8 engine and a chassis to rival many of the mid-engine standard supercars.

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