Your One Stop Guide to Maintaining the Life of Your Car Battery

For many, they are not convinced of the importance of their cars battery until it’s too late. But, if your car battery is low on power, it’s time to become savvy with this essential component of your vehicle. Correct battery maintenance not only optimises your cars performance, but it ensures that your cars life is prolonged. So, getting to grips with the battery is a must.

Some people are keen to charge their batteries on a regular basis. Others like to purchase new ones every five years. Whatever you want to do with your battery, make sure that you are maintaining it regularly so that your car is in the best physical performance.

Charging Your Battery

When it comes to charging your battery, you need to make sure that you exercise caution when you do so. Car batteries have acid within them. These can cause burns that can have a severe impact on your health. So, if you are ready to charge the battery, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Check the battery for corrosion. If it’s corroded, get rid of it. You cannot operate your car fully with a corroded battery. What is more, it can have a negative impact on your vehicles overall performance. Do make sure that you are cleaning the battery terminals as it charges. Remove oil and dirt from the battery to keep it in excellent condition. Make sure that your battery has enough fluid prior to charging. You can add water to the battery to ensure that it is full. Charging a dried out battery can lead to explosions. Yes, really.

Low Battery Power

If charging your battery doesn’t work, you may still not need a new one yet. A local car dealership in St. Louis has stated that the best way, to make sure that your battery life is increased, is to check the terminals of the battery. Do ensure that you are charging at the correct ends.


Andy Armstrong

What is more, you need to be aware of overvoltage with your car. If the battery is in the vehicle while charging, your car may be protecting the battery from charging fully. This is so that overcharging can be prevented.


Of course, as a diligent car owner you do need to endeavour to make sure that the battery is fully optimised. Never allow the car battery to dip below 12.4 volts. Should you allow this to happen, the battery will need replacing as it will have insufficient charge.

Should you take the battery out of the car, do invest in a maintainer. This allows your battery to monitor and control the voltage that it has. That way, you don’t have to worry about the voltage dropping below the recommended 12.4 volts.

Keep Cool

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure that your car is properly maintained, as well as the battery, is to keep it cool. Protect the vehicle and the battery from the elements where possible. This will extend the life of the battery and ensure that you do not suffer from corrosion. Heat is known to irreparably damage car and UPS batteries.

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