What You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance

car air conMost modern cars in the UK now come equipped with air conditioning. Although you may feel that we don’t need air conditioning, it can be beneficial not only on hot days but also on cold winter’s mornings.

In order for air conditioning to function properly t needs to be properly maintained. Let’s look at some things you need to know about air conditioning maintenance.

Noisy Compressors

The compressor is found on the same side of the engine as the drive belts and compresses gas inside the air conditioning system and then sends it towards the condenser. Your system may be low on gas, if the compressor turns itself on and off. Though they lose a small amount over time, if you have only just bought it the rattling could be the sign of a leak.

Intermittent Cooling

There should be a constant fountain of cold air inside the car, if the air conditioning is working. If the cold stream of air is not constant there could be extra air getting in.

Puddles of Water under Your Car

If you find a puddle of water under your car after driving with the air conditioning on, there is no reason to panic. The puddle of water is formed by the dripping water coming from the system’s evaporator.

Are The Repairs Expensive?

Compressors are one of the most expensive parts as they cost around £400 plus VAT, without including the price for removal and installation. If your car doesn’t cost too much more than the price of a new air conditioning compressor, you might be better selling it and buying a new car or you could just drive around without air conditioning.

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