Moving Long-distance: Sell or Ship Your Car?

Every year people move across the country or move to a new country altogether. Moving your whole life is a hard task, but it’s often worth it for a new experience. But what should you do with your car? Many people decide they want to keep their vehicle and either drive or ship it to their new home, even if it’s on the other side of the world. But others decide that it’s best to sell and get a new car at the other end or to go without a vehicle. How do you decide which one is best for you? Make your choice by considering the points below.



The Distance and Cost of Shipping

If you’re thinking about shipping your current car, the distance is likely to be directly proportional to the price. Naturally, the farther you go, the more auto shipping will cost. You’ll have to consider how you feel about your current vehicle and whether keeping it is worth the cost. Will it be cheaper to ship your car than to sell it and buy a new one? If you’re traveling thousands of miles, you might be more likely to sell. But if your car is a classic or you’re particularly attached, shipping might be a better option.

The Length of Your Stay

Don’t forget to consider how long you’ll be in your new home. While some people make a permanent move, you might go for only a year or two. There would be no point selling your car if you then wanted to return home and needed to buy another one. Shipping would be the better option in that case. But if it’s a permanent move, selling could be worth it.

Your New Home

Do you need a car in your new home? You might be moving somewhere with excellent public transport or where everything you need is within walking distance. If you’re moving internationally, shipping your car could be very expensive. Many countries have much better public transport than you might have at home. Think about your new house too. Will you have somewhere to park, for example?

Time Available

Consider how much time you have before you need to move. Selling your car and buying a new one could both take a considerable amount of time. Arranging to have your car shipped could be a much quicker process, and if you’re able to drive, you can do it at the last minute. You don’t want your moving day to approach when you still have yet to sell your car. And what about at the other end? Do you need a car right away or is there time to buy one?

There are lots of things for you to think about before you decide what to do with your car. As well as considering time and money, you should take into account how attached you are to your car. Some people are willing to do anything to hold on to their vehicle, while others are happy to trade it in for something new.


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