Have You Lost Your Car Keys? Don’t Panic: Here is What You Need to Do Next

Losing your car keys can be something of a trial. Not only can it be costly to replace them, but the inconvenience of it all is just annoying. You don’t have to go into a state of blind panic when it comes to your car keys. There are simple steps that you can take. And no, we won’t tell you to look in the last place you had them.

The Stats: You’re Not Alone

Did you know that 26% of drivers lose their keys at some point in their life? 15% of these people lose them while out shopping. 13% lose them at work. Sadly, 19% of people have their car keys stolen. If you find that you are car-keyless, there are some things that you can do.

Invest in Spares

It’s always best to take preventative action and make sure that you have a set of spare keys. Some cars have them as standard. But, if you have a used car, a spare key may have been lost long ago. When you get your new car key, make sure that you have it cut and have a vast array of spares. While this doesn’t help you directly, it is a good proactive measure to take out.

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Call an Auto Locksmith

An auto locksmith can provide you with robust help when it comes to losing your keys. They will be able to help you get past the safety features that are installed on your car and start crafting a new locking system for you. Eyden Locksmiths have stated that many people are unsure how to get past their immobilisers and security features. But, a locksmith is an excellent way of ensuring that you are getting into your car safely without causing lasting damage. What is more, they can ensure that the previous key is locked out of the computer history. This means that if your keys have been stolen, you don’t have to worry about your car going missing too. This should always be the first point of contact if you lose your car keys.

Key Cover Insurance

Oh no, not another policy we hear you cry. Yes, your funds may be stretched, but the average cost to replace a car key can be in excess of £700. So, it may be wise to take out a car key cover system. Typically, these can be sought out for as little as £4 per month. It’s a savvy option for those who are more accident prone than the rest of us.  In some cases, your home or car insurance may provide replacement keys as standard. But, it’s worth checking the small print and your excess before you claim. In some instances, your no claims bonus can be affected. It’s always worth checking out your policy or ringing your provider for more detailed advice.

Losing your keys can be costly. But, if you put preventative measures in place, you will ensure that you don’t remain out of pocket. After all, these things happen. It’s always best to be prepared.

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