Looking for a New Car Doesn’t Have to be a Chore!

So, you need a new car? We know the score, you want to make sure you get the right model, with the appropriate spec, and at the best price. The problem is that there are so many makes, dealers and styles of car to choose from, and you barely know where to start. Here are a few handy tips that should take some of the stress out of choosing and buying a car, and that should ensure you don’t make a costly mistake!

Make a Shortlist

Firstly, you need to think about the type and style of car you want. Are you looking for a family sedan? Or do you need a hatchback? Perhaps you want something bigger – an SUV, for example – or it’s a truck you are looking for, a workhorse? Have a look at the motoring press and make a list of models that fall into your budget and requirements. Then, look for a maker that offers a good selection, and concentrate on that make.

Keep it Local

If you are buying new, from a dealer, you get the best possible choice and also the most impressive guarantees and after-sales service. In and around Auburn there are a number of main dealers for most of the major makes. Check out https://www.lynchnissanofauburn.com/ for the full range of Nissan models, and you’ll see that – as with many auto manufacturers – they have a great range covering all the options.

Sort your Spec

Every new car will be available with a list of standard equipment, and will also come with possible optional extras. A good salesman or woman will be able to find a model in their inventory that is as close as possible to your desired spec. Don’t accept anything less than what you originally want, as you will be disappointed. Dealers can source cars from other dealers, too, so make that an option.

Take a Test Drive

It may sound like an obvious point, but it’s surprising how many people fail to take a test drive in a car they are planning to buy. All cars drive differently, and have differing seating positions. You may like the look of the specification on paper, but when you drive the car you find it is underpowered. There are many reasons for choosing to test a car, and your dealer will be more than happy to arrange for an appointment for you to try out more than one.

Get a Good Deal

Whatever the list price is, that’s not what you’re going to pay! Unless the dealer can throw in some options that you actually need or want, you need a discount on the list price. Negotiate and ask what they can do – get potential deals on similar models from different dealers – and you should come away with a great car at a sensible price. Follow these tips carefully, take your time to shop around, and you’ll find your new car easily and with no stress involved.


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