Lifting Equipment for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Shops offering maintenance and repair services to heavy duty vehicles require effective lifting equipment to run an efficient and safe operation.

There are a wide number of vehicle lift options for shops. Below, we go through some of the most common and often necessary lifting equipment required.

Floor transmission jacks

Transmission jacks are used in conjunction to any lifting equipment. They are developed to facilitate maintenance operations on heavy-duty vehicles.

Particularly, they are designed to support a transmission once it has been disconnected from a vehicle, allowing mechanics to work on the transmission safely.

It can also raise and lower the transmission into and out of the vehicle.

They are considered a necessary piece of equipment in most garages.

Scissors Lift

Scissor lifts have a lifting mechanism similar to the parallelogram lift, but unlike the latter, it lifts and lowers the vehicle in a straight vertical path.

They are suitable for heavy duty vehicles, such as fire and rescue vehicles, school and commercial buses and multiple-axle trucks.

Among its benefits, it can include wheels-free lifting, retrofitting into workshops, quick service access through its console, and flexibility.

Semi-scissor lifts are also an option. A strong electro-hydraulic lift can handle vehicles up to 35 tonnes and offer stability, reliability and safe operation.

Mobile columns

Mobile columns are used in sets of 2, 4, 6 or more units as necessary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle.

Each column is mobile; that is to say, each contains an electric power unit operated by a screwdriver or hydraulic cylinder. The individual columns are synchronized to lift and lower the vehicle.

They are also flexible as they can be moved and positioned by one technician. Spare parts for column lifts can also be easily acquired and installed by professional technicians.

They are often used for heavy-duty vehicles such as forklifts, agricultural equipment, buses and utility vehicles and military vehicles.

Platform lifts

A platform lift will allow technicians to lift mechanical assemblies up to 1.5 tonnes.

This makes maintenance and repair on the assembly optimal as it can be positioned at a comfortable height.

It also increases safety for the technician as it provides a supportive surface to place the heavy equipment throughout the repair.

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