Learn How To Convert A Cargo Van Into A Camper With This Handy Guide!

The United States is a huge place to explore! A lot of folks go interstate by plane for vacations. But if you want to see what our glorious country has to offer, going on a road trip is the best option!

You can venture out along the historic Route 66, or travel along one of the many other interstate highways. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stick to tourist trails or head off down the beaten track.

One thing is for certain: you will need to go on your road trip in a camper! The only downside to campers is that they are expensive to hire or buy. But one option that many travelers opt for is buying a cargo van and converting it into a camper!


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Why build your camper from a cargo van?

There are many benefits to this approach. First, there is the cost. Even those that are extravagant with their accessory purchases save a ton of cash by building their camper out of a cargo van.

Second, you are in control of your camper’s design. That means you don’t have to use specific equipment or styles. Everything is your choice!

Another reason this is popular is because the process is fun! People from all walks of life build their own campers. It’s not as much fun buying a small ready-made RV as it is building your own one.

If the prospect of building your own camper is an attractive one to you, here is what you need to know.

Choosing a base to start with

The first thing you need to do is get a cargo van! If you already own one, that’s cool. But if not, places like the Western Van Centre can help you out.

There is a wide range of cargo vans to choose from, and you will be spoilt for choice. I recommend buying a used cargo van as you might not get permission to customise a leased brand new one.

In Europe, people buy the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz (Dodge) Sprinter vans. They offer the perfect platform for camper conversions.


Before you start building your camper, you need to think about what essential items you would like to have.

Most people have a bed, washing facilities and a portable toilet in their campers. A lot of folks will also have a dedicated shower cubicle whereas others might use shower facilities at an RV park, for example.

If you are a gadget geek, you might also wish to have a flat-screen LCD TV installed too. They take up little space in the van, and you can mount them on a swivel base for total convenience.


Cargo vans aren’t insulated. You will need to insulate your van before you start fitting accessories like beds and cabinets.

I recommend fitting a vinyl floor covering as they will be easy to clean. You can get them in a range of different colors and styles.

Finally, consider adding some nice black-out curtains to the windows at the back. It offers total privacy and stops you waking up at the crack of dawn when the sun rises!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Let us know if you have built your own camper from a cargo van.

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