Japanese Cars – Which One’s Best For You?

Back in the day, we didn’t have too much choice when it came to our next car. There were a few familiar local brands and a couple of exotic foreign marques. There wasn’t a lot of variety in the market. Today, the picture has changed beyond recognition. We can all choose between hundreds of manufacturers. That can be a little confusing. It’s easy to settle for consistency – Ford has based their marketing strategy around that idea. In reality, exploring unfamiliar brands can help you to get a better deal.

Some of the best cars available today come from far-flung corners of the globe. The home of motoring in today’s world isn’t Detroit. It’s not Maranello, or Longbridge either (an obvious thing to say). Today, Japan is the home of the automotive industry for millions of customers. More people trust Japanese cars around the world than ever before. Japan is home to several well-renowned and varied manufacturers. Here’s our guide to the companies doing business from Tokyo, and the kind of cars that they offer.



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Japan’s great all-rounder, Toyota made more cars in 2012 than any other company. It’s Japan’s largest company and the world’s fourteenth-biggest business. The legendary cash reserves of the company mean that the Japanese have nicknamed Toyota the ‘Bank of Japan.’ An expensive failed attempt in F1 may have damaged the company’s image in Europe somewhat. In reality, Toyota offers a wide range of practical and eco-friendly vehicles to suit all tastes. From small superminis to rugged SUVs, Toyota covers all bases.



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Unlike Toyota, Honda has a fantastic F1 pedigree, but that doesn’t affect the vehicles that you’ll be driving. Anyone looking for a great family vehicle should begin and end their search with Honda. A Honda is always reliable – they’re famous for it. Nobody makes their cars more bulletproof than Honda. Euro NCAP also marks them well for safety. Practical considerations make Honda the company of choice for parents. They have a wide range of vehicles for small and large families. These range from hatchbacks to people-carriers. They all carry that Honda DNA – that’s what makes these cars special.



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Anyone who buys a Lexus is investing in luxury. Lexus is a company obsessed with style, comfort and gadgets. They may be more expensive than their rivals, but you get an awful lot for your money. RRG Group Lexus offer great deals for anyone interested in a new or used Lexus. For those with a bit more to spend, Lexus are a great alternative to German cars. They’re also cheaper than their BMW or Audi cousins. Anyone looking for luxury shouldn’t overlook Lexus.

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We’ve not even scratched the surface here when it comes to Japanese cars. You can visit Nissan for quirky, offbeat vehicles like the Qashqai or the GTR. Suzuki offers wonderful small cars for low budgets. Anyone after a sporty vehicle should check out Mazda. Mitsubishi makes good quality jeeps and off-road vehicles. The Japanese market is awash with variety and character. Take a look at all these brands. You’re guaranteed to find the ideal car for you from the Far East.

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