Is the used car market worth the investment?


Used cars are in demand all over the world. However, at some point a car simply becomes too used to be safe and just not worth it to repair.  When this happens the issue becomes how to recover the materials from the car. Metals can be recycled and made into a practically endless variety of items that we take for granted every day. Considering all the issues related to mining more metals, it is important that as much scrap metal as possible is recycled while it can be. The scrap metal market will continue to experience growth as improvements in technology cause cars to become obsolete more quickly. Older cars that do not get good gas mileage or pass emissions inspections will be replaced by more efficient and greener technologies.

Making the investment

For most individuals, it makes more sense to invest with an investment firm that holds scrap metal businesses in their portfolio. M1 Group invested in aircraft companies many years ago. Airplanes have to be replaced over the years as technology improves and they show wear and tear. Recycling older planes can be very lucrative since planes have many high-grade valuable metals in them. Aluminium, platinum, silver, and more can all be recovered and sold for a good return. For those that want to get in on the growing scrap metal market, it can be as simple as investing in a holding company such as M1. The bio of M1 Group shows just how many different sectors they are invested in. You can invest your money in a diverse portfolio so risk is minimized. Those that invest early will show the greatest gains.

Sale of new cars on the rise

With more people around the world being able to afford a car, there has been a significant rise in the demand for new cars. When people buy new cars they are often getting rid of an older one as well, or trading it in for a credit towards a newer vehicle. As more older cars get turned in, they will be recycled if they are not good enough to use. With experts predicting that used car prices are going to continue to drop, it is likely that more cars will be recycled rather than sold.

Growing scrap metal industry

The £5.6 billion industry surrounding the recycling of scrap metals in the UK proves that metal recycling can be a very lucrative market. There is no doubt that there will always be a demand for metals. It is much better for the environment and more cost effective to recycle already refined metals instead of mining for more.  There are many emerging economies that need raw materials for industry. Scrap metal is often sent around the world as an export to places that do not have enough materials to fuel their economies. This growth shows no sign of stopping, as more people all over the world desire more of the goods that in the past have not been available to them.

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