How To Restore Your Honda Ruckus Back to Its Original Factory Condition



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If you are like many Honda Ruckus owners, you know that it is an excellent scooter and a joy to own. Of course, like most scooters, the Ruckus tends to see a lot of use, especially in cities. Therefore, they tend to show their age and some owners want to restore them to the original factory condition. Fortunately, you can find Honda OEM parts cheap and make the bike look brand new.

Getting Ready for Restoration

Whether your Honda Ruckus has some miles on it or you have some motorcycle aftermarket parts that you want to return to OEM, the first step is inspecting your scooter and determining what needs to change. Consider purchasing a service manual to help you understand how everything fit together, especially the mechanical components.

Restoring the Honda Ruckus

Once you know what needs to change, it is time to order the necessary parts. The good news is that it is easy to find Honda OEM parts cheap because Hondas and the Ruckus are so popular. It is best to replace consumable parts such as brake pads, spark plugs, the battery and the engine oil.

Other parts you can evaluate to determine if they need to be replaced. The tires, for example, may be fairly new or may be balding. Fortunately, for the Honda Ruckus, you don’t even need to find the best place to buy motorcycle tires to get a decent deal. If the scooter has been sitting for a while, replace the tires as they may be deformed.

Some engine and fuel system components may need replacing or may only need a good cleaning. You may want to replace scratched body components or just repaint them if the damage isn’t too deep. The great news, in either case, is that the Ruckus is fairly easy to work on and it is easy to find Honda OEM parts cheap, so your restoration process should go smoothly no matter the extent.

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