How to Minimize the Cost of Windshield Repair


Have you noticed a chip or crack on your windshield? You’ll need windshield repair as soon as possible.

The cost for windshield repair varies from anything between $50 and $2000 depending on the extent of damage and the type of repair to be applied to fix the problem. The cost can be even higher than this depending on your location and the service providers in your area. The following are some ways you can minimize the cost of repair to your windshield.

  • Fix as soon as possible

Windshield cracks and chips don’t stay the same. You may have started out with a tiny chip or crack on your windshield but end up with a crack across your entire windshield after a few weeks. Chips and cracks on windshields spread. It is cheaper to have a small chip or crack fixed than to have the entire windshield replaced as a result of a spreading crack.

Begin inquiries on windshield repair as soon as you notice a crack or chip on your windshield. You’ll save a lot of time and money having a small crack repaired and prevent extensive damage that is more expensive to repair.

  • Use your insurance

Do you have comprehensive insurance coverage? If you do, you may be able to make a claim that will allow you to have the windshield repair paid for by the insurance company. Go over your insurance policy and contact your insurance provider to find out the extent of your coverage.

In states such as Arizona, your insurance provider can offer you additional coverage under ‘full glass’ or ‘safety equipment’ coverage. This coverage allows you to pay for the repair of your windshield without affecting your insurance rate or deductible. If you don’t have this type of cover, consider it for future protection.

  • Take advantage of incentives

Some states, including Arizona, allow auto glass repair shops to offer incentives to encourage clients to use their services. Take advantage of windshield replacement cash back incentives to save money on the replacement or repair of your windshield. Ensure you understand the terms of the incentives fully before sign up for them.

  • Consider future costs when shopping for a car

There is more to the actual cost of a car than the price of its purchase. You need to consider the impact of the cost of replacements as well as repairs once the car is on the road. Replacing or repairing damaged windshields on luxury vehicles is more expensive than on smaller economical vehicles.

  • Use your local repair shop

You have the choice of going to your dealership or using a local repair shop when it comes to windshield repair. In many cases, using a local repair shop will be more cost effective than using your car dealership. The most important thing is to ensure that they meet the standards of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council.

If you’re using your insurance, you may be tied down to a specific list of repair shops as contracted by the insurance provider. Check with your insurance provider before choosing a repair shop.

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