Your Guide to Knowing When to Change Your Tyres

One of the best practices in keeping your car safe is your tyres. Not only do good tyres keep your car safe, they also make your vehicle a lot more economical too. Tyres needn’t be expensive. There is plenty of choice and competition too for your custom. You should never compromise the safety of you and your vehicle by running on illegal tyres then you might need to check out some car tyres for sale.

The current legal requirement for tyres is that they have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. This is the legal limit.

The first thing you need to decide is whether your car needs new tyres at all. Check the tyres, the tread and whether you see any bulges, etc. coming from the tyre. Your tread should cover three-quarters of the tread width. Maintaining a healthy tyre tread is vital for your cars safety. In wet conditions, the tyre starts to lose grip when the tread reaches around 2.5mm. So, depending on when you are looking at changing tyres you will be looking at two different measurements. Roads tend to be more dangerous during the winter months, so consider changing your tyres before then.


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If you do need to replace one or more of the cheap continental tyres, then you should consider replacing all of your tyres together. However, you may never get a chance to replace all of your tyres together as tyres wear at different rates.

You may find that you have to change your tyres regardless, especially if your car is due a MOT. One in five cars fails their MOT due to defective tyres and wheels. Ensure that your car is not just another statistic.

You can change your tyres at a number of different outlets and providers. You can change your tyres on the drive. This can be done yourself or you can call in a mobile tyre fitter to come to your home. There are plenty of options available to you. This makes searching for tyres a lot easier than it used to be. You can also get some great prices on new tyres too.

Tyre Elements


The design of the tread varies quite a lot from tyre to tyre. This is because they all have a better way of getting rid of the water from the tyre when the road is wet. A good design and rubber compound allows the tyre to maintain a good contact with the road surface. Good tread means more grip.

Steel Belt

This is the part of the tyre that gives the tyre its rigidity. It is this rigidity that allows the tyre to hold the tread flat against the road surface, maintaining good contact.


These can have a huge impact on your car, in terms of safety and the ride you experience. If a tyre has lower, stiffer sidewalls this can help maintain the shape of the tyre when corning. Great for your safety, however it can make the ride a little more uncomfortable.

Bead Wires

These steel wires hold the tyre on to the rim. They are very robust and are extremely resistant to stretching.


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