Should You Go On An Advanced Driving Course?

Before we can pass our driving tests, we have to drive to a certain standard. In a nutshell, we have to prove that we can drive at a competent level whilst adhering to the rules of the road.

The sad truth is that only half of all learners pass their driving tests on the first attempt! Most people pass on the second attempt, with a small minority only capable of passing after many more attempts!


Image via Flickr (credit: M 93)

I passed my driving test around 16 years ago, and I must admit; it has taken me a while to reach the high level of driving skill that I have today. Some people go on advanced driving courses at some stage of their lives, but is it something you should consider too?

Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea:

You’ve picked up some bad habits

I can guarantee you that you will have picked up some bad habits during the course of your time on the road! Everyone has bad driving habits, but the sad truth is that a lot of folks don’t even realise they have them!

Some bad habits could be using a mobile phone whilst driving. Others might be eating or drinking behind the wheel.

But whatever your vices are, you should kick them. Advanced driving courses are a great way of promoting safer driving. They are also a great way of pointing out what could happen, as a result, of your bad habits.

You bought an SUV

According to Saxton 4×4, a lot of new SUV drivers don’t realise that they have to drive their cars in a different manner. Especially in comparison to other cars they have owned in the past.

The high driving position will afford you a better view of the road ahead. But parking an SUV, such as the BMW X5 pictured above, can be a nightmare for first-time SUV drivers! There are some good advanced driving courses to help you tackle such problems. They will make you a better driver.

You hate highway driving

Believe it or not, some motorists worry about driving on highways and motorways! If that sounds like you, this problem can impact your life on the road in a bad way.

People will query your reluctance to drive on such roads. And your journey times will be longer because you have to take “alternative” routes to get to your destination!

There are plenty of advanced highway driving courses that you can go on. They will help you to overcome your fears, and learn the limits of your car. By the end of such courses, you will be better prepared for driving on highways, motorways and other similar roads.

You are a seasoned driver

Have you been driving for 40 or more years? If so, it’s likely that the standards of today’s drivers will be different to what you know.

Advanced driving courses for senior citizens can help you to gain the confidence you need to drive on today’s roads.

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