How To Get The Best Deal With A Part-Exchange

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Just as we move up the housing ladder over the years, the cars we drive get better and better. When we buy a new car, it isn’t long before the novelty wears off, and we have our eyes on the next model. The grass is always greener over there, or so it seems. Over a few years we come to love or hate the vehicle we own, much depends on its reliability. Time passes swiftly though, and before we know it, we are on the way to our local dealership to trade our motor in for a newer and better model.

We must get the best deal on our new car. That means we must get the best trade-in price that we possible can for the old one. There are things you can do to get the top price for your old motor if you are wise. Here are the secrets.

Keep The History

While you own a car, keep any paperwork associated with it. Think about receipts for servicing and repairs, previous vehicle safety checks (MOTs), and anything else that will add to the provenance of the car. The dealership will be able to sell it quickly and for a top price if you do, and that will reflect on the deal to you.

Clean The Vehicle

It sounds simple doesn’t it? If you wanted to buy an Inchcape A-Class Mercedes, it makes sense to tidy up your present car before you strike a deal. It gives the impression that you look after it and therefore it is in top condition.

Pay particular attention to the interior. The seats might be dirty if you use it for work, and unless there is a stain they are easy to clean. Use upholstery shampoo or a car-care foam product to make them look like new again. Clean the carpet and fit a new set of cheap car mats. It’s all about presentation.

Make the bodywork shine with a coat of wax polish. Take your time and do a professional job; it is hard work but worth the effort.


Before you visit the showroom, complete any repairs of which your car is in need. If the tyres are legal but approaching the minimum limit, replace them with new. You don’t need to buy top of the range performance tyres; standard ones will do. Maybe there is an ugly scratch or dent somewhere on the body; address it before the dealers inspect the vehicle. Undertake any other quick-fixes such as the windscreen wipers; they are cheap and easy to replace.


Some people change the engine oil, but I think that will make the dealer suspicious. Always top it up to the correct level, but let them see that the oil is shiny and black; just the way it should be after use.

There is an old saying. You can’t polish a…; well, you can guess the rest. There is a ceiling price on the car you trade in, so do not spend more money on it that you will get back. You will usually get a better deal if you are trading for an expensive car than if it was for a less costly model though, so haggle as best you can.

Follow my advice and get a top deal. One day, your new car will act as a trade in too. Try to look after it a little better than you did the old one. You know it makes sense!

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