First-Time Wheels

Toyota-Aygo-city-car-2010-front-quarter-mainSome try to forget but everyone remembers their first car. Taking that first road trip with your mates or going for your first Drive Thru are all part of the young drivers’ almanac. Of course there is more to driving than those two things, the freedom allotted from owning a vehicle is, and always has been, the biggest perk of a car.

However, choosing your first car requires some serious thought. You don’t want to be betting with your life. Rather, you want a good little motor that is cheap to insure and perfect for zipping around in. Save the bigger and better cars until you come of age.

Below are some of the best cars for first-timers.

Toyota Aygo

The larger Toyota vehicles cater for their respected clientele, businessmen, but the Aygo and the iQ have a youthful and fun side, highlighted by the dynamic interior of the car. Price-wise you can get a 2006 model for under £2,000 whilst insuring the Aygo is relatively cheap. It is a similar type car to that of the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107, both of which offer group 1 insurance. Combined with the cheap insurance, the cars simplicity and affordable running costs, the Aygo makes for the perfect car for any first-time driver. You can even get it in a five door model if you wanted.

Volkswagen Fox

Before you even step inside the car you know it is going to be decent, namely due to the badge on the grill. People bang on about German efficient and rightly so, especially when it comes to cars, where it is no secret that they are the superior manufacturers. The Fox is surprisingly big inside, much larger than cars of a similar physique. Reliability has always been VW’s calling card and the Fox certainly lives up to this mantra. In regards to speed, it will get you from A to B without breaking your neck.

Austin Mini

A proper Mini, not the current BMW Minis that are flooding the market, should always be considered as a potential first car. Here in Britain a hefty proportion of drivers learnt their trade at the wheel of a Mini, so it isn’t all that surprising we are brilliant at driving. Old school Minis do not just make the driver look ice cool but it is always a fun experience when you get behind the wheel. These nippy little motors make you fall in love with driving and, even to this day, you see people with fond memories of their mini.

These are just three of many cars that are idyllic for young drivers. The key thing to remember is that you don’t want anything with too big an engine. For one, it will be too expensive and secondly, you’ll end up gassing it and potentially crashing.

If you are looking for a first car good luck, but, more importantly, have fun driving.

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