How To Find The Best Car Deal From A Dealership

If you’re in the process of looking for a car dealership, or wondering where to find one, there are a few things you should know before you start you search. When you want a great deal, you should be using the leading online marketplace to compare car deals from various local and national dealers. Once you’ve found the car of your dreams, here are a few things to help you get into that car for less.

How To Find A Dealer Near You

One of the best ways to find a local dealer is to look up the nearest dealers to you on will give you an organized list of dealers with their address and location within miles of you, as well as their dealer rating when you click on Find A Dealer. You can also read real, honest customer reviews of dealers so you know exactly what you’re getting when you walk onto the lot from other buyers’ experience.

What To Know Before You Walk Into A Dealership

When buying a new or used car you shouldn’t just walk right onto a dealership unprepared. You should be armed with a lot of information to keep from paying extortionate taxes and fees. has a comprehensive list of cars for sale, so you can get a general idea of car prices before you head to the lot. They also offer a used car estimator that gives you an estimate of value, so you know the dealer’s price is legit. You should also download their on the go app for iPhone and Android. The app enables you to scan a VIN number on any car on the lot and automatically get pricing information right on your phone. You can then compare availability at other dealers around you.

Estimate Your Budget Before You Finance

When financing a car, you should know your total budget with taxes and fees included before you walk into a dealership and try to make a great deal. A great way to figure out your budget is to estimate your payments. There are handy tools like the one on that can help you estimate exactly what you will be paying if you finance a car. Trade-ins can often affect the total cost of your car, as well. There are a few things you should know about trade-ins

What You Should Know About Trade-Ins

Trade-ins are a completely different ball game and some buyers are completely unaware. When it comes to trading a car, you might want to consider selling it on your own. Never mention a trade when you start talking price on cars. That’s why it’s best to compare prices via smartphone apps before you even talk to a dealer. Then you can come armed with the price you want to pay. If you want to trade-in, mention it after you know the taxes and fees within the total cost of the car. That way you’ll get the actual trade-in value applied to the deal.

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