Exclusive Dakar Betting Selection to Come at TonyBet

TonyBet to offer dakar betting

Considered one of the most dangerous and gruelling races, Dakar is that one event of the year that is guaranteed to produce something completely astounding. With an off-road terrain and the 500 to 560 mile distances per day, it pushes the contenders to their absolute limits and is notoriously tough to predict.

Despite that, the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet has decided to offer a unique Dakar betting selection that will allow its customers to sky-rocket their adrenaline levels and immerse themselves even further into this exceptional race.

“We are always looking to expand our horizons and provide our client with the most diverse betting selection that covers everything from basketball, to – from now on – Dakar. “ Said a TonyBet representative.

“Just a while ago we introduced eSports betting which was received very well by our players,” added the representative, “Our user base enjoys more niche selection and they are generally gravitating towards new experiences, which is what we’re hoping to present to them with the Dakar betting selection.”

At the moment, TonyBet offers to bet on the overall winner of the race, but the representative assured there is a much wider selection on the way: “Our bookmakers are working hard to calculate the odds which tends to be very tricky in this kind of race, but we are sure to have them presented to our clients as soon as possible.”

TonyBet is known for its innovative approach in the online gaming world. They were the first to introduce a global Open Face Chinese Poker site, along with hosting the first-ever live OFC tournament last year, continuing the tradition this November in Prague where this championship attracted a considerable amount of attention.

This unique betting selection should come as a pleasant surprise to the auto sports fans who are not often offered much choice, with sports such as football getting the most consideration. Hopefully, this move by TonyBet will be a first step towards more inclusion and innovation in the industry as a whole.

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