Dressed To Impress: How To Detail Your Engine Bay Like A Pro

Car cleaning is a task that millions of American car owners perform on a regular basis. Our cars are just like mobile versions of our homes. We expect our cars to keep us safe and sheltered from the elements. Some people might spend more time in their cars than others.

Just like with our homes, we need to keep our cars clean for health and safety reasons. Most of us wash our cars at home, while some of us go to the local drive-thru car wash for reasons of convenience.


When we clean our cars, we usually concentrate on the exterior and interior. After all, those are the only two main parts of the car we get worried about, right? The thing is; many people forget to clean under the hood.

You might end up with a car that looks spotless inside and out, but your engine bay will let the team down. Some folks just plain forget to clean under the hood, whereas others get scared of causing damage to their motors.

Have you ever cleaned under the hood of your car before? If you haven’t, never fear because this handy guide will show you how to do the job well and without breaking anything! Here is what you need to know.

Protect those parts

It’s important to bear in mind why you need to protect certain engine components before you start cleaning. We all know that water and electricity don’t mix, so you need to cover up any major electrical items under the hood first.

The main items you need to concern yourself with are the alternator, battery and electronic sensor plugs. What you use to cover these components is up to you. Some people use plastic grocery bags sealed with electrical tape. Whereas others use aluminum foil and rubber bands.

Whatever you use, you have to ensure that you’ve got a good seal around the components in question. One non-electrical item you need to protect is your car’s intake system. You can usually put a cover on the air filter trunking that goes to the front of your car.


Once you have prepared the engine, it’s time to use a hose to rinse the loose dirt off it. Make sure you use a low-pressure stream of water. And make sure you don’t carry this task out when the engine is still hot!


At this stage, you are now ready to use some degreaser spray on the main parts of your upper engine. Mick from http://www.junction17cars.co.uk recommends using some “Gunk” spray.

Some people prefer not to use chemicals for cleaning the crud from their motors. In those cases, you can use a small portable steam cleaner. Be careful when using steam cleaners on bodywork, as it can damage the paint.

Be sure to use an array of suitable soft brushes to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places.

Finishing off

Now you are ready to rinse the top of your engine bay again. As before, only use low water pressure. Once that’s done, use a blower vacuum to repel any water lingering on your engine components. Remove the electrical and intake protection, and you’re done. Congratulations!

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