Your Cut-Out-and-Keep Guide to Larger-Than-Average Fords

If you’ve got a family, or if you’re on your way to one, then you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle. Chances are you’ve never bought a big vehicle before. We get used to small cars – hatchbacks or superminis – early on in life. Nobody buys a larger car until they need one. You’ll be wanting something reliable. Our recommendation is to choose Ford. We’ve all had a Ford. We all love Fords. The American marque has a history of trustworthiness here in the UK. You know where you are with a Ford, even if you haven’t had a larger car in the past. With that in mind, here’s our guide to the larger vehicles that Ford offers.


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The estate – Ford Mondeo

An estate car is the next step up from a hatchback. Ford’s offering is the evergreen Mondeo. While some people may think they’re a tad ordinary, the Mondeo is quite the opposite. What the Mondeo does, in a brilliant way, is tick all the boxes. It’s incredible how much space Ford have managed to drag out of it. That doesn’t mean it’s no fun to drive, either. The Mondeo has garnered praise for years thanks to its lack of compromise. Ford wants you to enjoy your vehicle. The smoothness of the ride and surprising performance of the Mondeo makes it an ideal car for social use as well as commuting.

The people-carrier – Ford Galaxy

Car fans often deride seven-seaters. What that means is manufacturers are now striving to make them even better. The Galaxy is no exception to this rule. It’s faster than you might think, and good on fuel, too. What sets this car apart, though, is the gadgets. Parking aids- front and rear – helps anyone unfamiliar with larger vehicles. The Galaxy comes with sat-nav, climate control and traction control. It’s also equipped with connectivity for mobile phones. All in all, it’s a quality all-rounder.

The SUV – Ford Kuga

As the name suggests, the Kuga is a little more offbeat than other Fords. It’s a spacious family vehicle. Those looks show that it’s a bit more rugged than you might expect. The Kuga is tough, with roof rails for transporting goods and great economy too. It’s a 4×4, suitable for all types of driving. Comfort-wise, it’s top of the class, too, with great gadgets. The seats are adjustable, for any scenario. The Kuga is perfect for modern life and modern driving.

The MPV – Ford S-Max

The S-Max provides drivers with the best of all worlds. It’s got the space of a huge people-carrier but doesn’t drive like one. A former European Car of the Year, the S-Max is well-regarded on price and performance. Its practicality makes it ideal for family life. Anyone who needs to move stuff around, as well as kids, will love it. It’s stocked full of gadgets, too, which make it a hassle-free vehicle. The S-Max is easy to live with, every day of the week.

The market for large Fords doesn’t have to be a minefield. As you’ve seen, there are plenty of options. You can get great offers on all these vehicles from reputable sellers like Fords are cars to trust – trust us, and get your hands on one today.

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