Company Cars: Why Mercedes-Benz Is Still A Popular Choice

As you progress through your career, employers will start offering you some “perks” of the job. Those perks include free health care, pension plans and even gym membership.

But one of the biggest perks of any job is driving around in a company car! It’s a great way of staying on the road without having to pay for anything like insurance, tax, servicing and so forth.

Employees will have a choice (within reason) of the car they can drive. Company cars are usually brand new, or they might only be a few months old. If you have trouble deciding which car make and model to opt for, have you considered a Mercedes-Benz company car?


I can guess what you might be thinking. You’re too young for a Mercedes-Benz car? You’re not a company director or high-flying businessperson? The truth is, it has never been a better time to get a Mercedes-Benz for your company car. Here are some of the best reasons why:

They are fresh and modern

I won’t lie to you. There was once a time when Mercedes-Benz cars were only ever driven by people close to retirement age! The German car maker somehow lost its way with the younger generations and started losing its market share to rival firm BMW.

Today is a different story. Take a look at the Eastern Western Scotland website, and you will see what I mean. The current model lineup features cars that have a fresh and innovative appearance.

Sit inside of a new Mercedes-Benz. You will get amazed by the dazzling array of technology and features contained within it! They want everyone to know that their cars have useful features and tools designed to make life on the road that much easier.

The difference between today’s Mercs and the models of fifteen, even ten years ago are immense.

They are award winners

The E-Class and S-Class models are proud winners of the 2014 Best Executive Car and Best Luxury Car awards.

The Fleet World Honours don’t just hand out awards to any car manufacturer. Any nominated car must prove it has exceptional innovation and quality for today’s company car driver.

Fuel-efficient engines mean lower taxes

In some parts of the world, cars get taxed each year based on their engine emissions. It’s no secret that big engines produce the most carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The more carbon emissions there are in the air; the worse the greenhouse gas problem gets.

To help combat this problem, certain nations charge more tax on cars that have inefficient engines. Mercedes-Benz is aware of that problem, and so it always strives to build efficient petrol and diesel engines.

It’s something welcomed by all fleet managers and company car drivers. Companies that pay to maintain their fleet pay fewer taxes to keep the car on the road. Drivers pay less tax, as they too will sometimes get hit with a “benefit-in-kind” tax by their nation’s government.

What are you waiting for? Go out and find your perfect Mercedes-Benz company car today!

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